Three Tips for Project Success: Terrazzo design and installation

Three Tips for Project Success: Terrazzo design and installation


Three Tips for Project Success

Terrazzo design and installation

Terrazzo flooring presents a unique blend of aesthetic choices, functional considerations, and practical applications. Designers and architects who find the near perfect blend in creating a beautiful and functional floor keep these three things in mind during a project.

Coordinate the concrete.
Pulling together a meeting between the general contractor and the terrazzo and concrete contractors will help avoid unpleasant surprises with the concrete substrate and the placement of strips in your design. To cut down on unnecessary disruption to the floor process, the design, engineering, and concrete teams need to work together to properly coordinate the pattern with substrate joints.

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Understand floor sealers and finishes. Contractors often have a preferred sealer they use, and owners generally have a finish in mind. Learn how the contractor finishes a floor and get everyone on the same page.


Design for the timeless. Modern epoxy terrazzo presents limitless possibilities for color and aggregate choices, but remember it’s built to last. Classic, timeless, elegant designs work best for the long term and ensure a beautiful and easy-to-maintain result.

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