The Shape of Flooring 2022

The Shape of Flooring 2022

What design trends will architects and designers favor in 2022? We asked our readers, and you had some clear ideas of what to watch for this coming year.

2021 was a big year for a range of terrazzo styles: from larger aggregates to unusual sizes and patterning, it was a time for leaning into terrazzo’s strengths for building something eye-catchingly different than the norm. Restoration projects, as always, continued as the classic flooring to shine, even in the neutral colors that have proven more popular.

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Those stark color choices are likely to continue to be a trend going forward – our respondents noted a heavy preference for whites and grays as popular choices for 2022 projects, with high contrast rounding out the selection.

Terrazzo and the less-flexible polished concrete were noted as likely trends throughout 2022. And hard surface flooring seems to be in the spotlight over carpeting. As one respondent put it, “old is gold,” and the timeless finish of terrazzo offers a sustainability and clean look that most other solutions lack.

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The expense of terrazzo, if anything, remains the only factor that could hold it back  2022 flooring trends. For those willing to make the up-front investment, they’ll be rewarded with a low-maintenance flooring solution built to last for decades with minimal maintenance.

And what, according to respondents, will tie the new year together for flooring designers?  Divider strips seem to be a factor that’s much more than an afterthought for many designers. Beyond that, the ever-popular pattern play that makes terrazzo so unique will likely continue to form a major selling point for the material.


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