Terrazzo is timeless. Thousands of students have enjoyed these floors for decades, and they’ll continue to do so for decades to come.

John Clark

Terrazzo is perceived as an expensive flooring solution, and because of its permanence, it is perceived as something the client or property owner can’t change. But Terrazzo can be updated cost effectively.

Luigi Franceschina

The cost (of Terrazzo) isn’t ridiculous. You are replacing carpet all the time. With Terrazzo, you get your money’s worth.

Maurya Cohan

A dark blue terrazzo band runs the length of the main floor. It enters the facility from the exterior, inviting patients and their families into a fun, sparkling environment.

Scott Bragagnini

Terrazzo is nice because of the range of material you can use in it. We could add special granular elements to bring extra life to the garden, and we could play it down when we wanted to allow the garden to shine.

Ryan Shubin

Above the logo, the words ‘academic excellence’ are surrounded by yellow stars. That’s to remind the students to reach for the stars within their academic and personal lives.

Kevin Rickman