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March Madness, Terrazzo Strength:

Terrazzo Brings Energy to the Court

With vibrant color options, eye-catching designs, and striking patterns, terrazzo can make your venue come alive.

Whether you’re shouting, “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!” or “Go Blue!” the terrazzo designs are sure to boost your energy. Players and fans alike will get a ready for the big game in an atmosphere that exudes team spirit. Arenas set with logos, team colors, and college fight songs make the March Madness crowds flowing through the corridors, stairwells, and main floor ready to cheer on their team. They’ve been waiting all season to see their teams go all the way.

Not only can terrazzo fill the space with school spirit, it can withstand the heavy traffic of the dense cheering crowds. The fans rushing over the floors won’t see a crack, chip, or hole.

This video shows the bold college logos, the lively team colors, the intricate designs that convey the core team spirit. These energetic and durable designs can empower the teams to push harder and electrify the spectators to roar even louder.

Make Your Space Buzz:

Entertaining Terrazzo Designs

With vibrant color options, eye-catching designs, and striking patterns, terrazzo can make your venue come alive.

Versatile terrazzo can create designs that set the atmosphere in all types of entertainment venues including casinos, theaters, and hotels. From the bold colors used in the Grand Victoria Casino to bring the energy to the floor, to the lively design at the Muny in St. Louis that adds excitement to the space, terrazzo can set the stage for a memorable experience.

This video gives you a glimpse into what a terrazzo design can add to an entertainment space. See examples of the clean lines that add a feel of sophistication, the timeless designs that set the tone for your cinema experience, and the delicate patterns that bring the beauty of nature into public spaces. Next time you are out at the theater or a concert, look down at the floor, it might surprise you.


Designs that Guide

Wayfinding systems guide people—they provide a visual experience to make complex spaces easier to navigate.

Terrazzo is especially suited for helping patients orient to large healthcare facilities, students navigate from one classroom to another, and travelers find their way in airports.

Adventist Cancer Institute is a case in point. Its poured in place terrazzo floor features a “compass of meaning” and “ribbons of hope” mentioned in the Institute’s mission statement.

“The colors of the ribbons correspond with the colors of the points on the compass, which represent peace, hope, faith, and love,” said Abby Weilmuenster, senior interior designer at Earl Swensson Associates. “And while they’re decorative, they’re also wayfinding (guides) for visitors and patients.”

The design at the Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens drew inspiration from the winding Rock River. Designer and artist Linda Beaumont describes how the design brings each visitor on a journey. “The composition of the entire floor suggests water, with additional sinuous lines of river currents adding color and rhythm. The bits and pieces of glass bring a presence of the movement of the river, swirling and pulling all the different shapes through the Conservatory lobby, and into the magical world of exotic plants seen in the distance.”

Terrazzo “takes your design factor to another level,” says Kenny Stanfield, partner at Sherman Carter Barnhart, architects for Brooks Elementary. With the design freedom and vast color palette of terrazzo, designers and architects can create wayfinding to direct wherever they want visitors to go.

Winning Designs:

Highlights of beauty and quality

We proudly highlight some of the past National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA) honor award winners within the North Central Terrazzo Association (NCTA), to show the breadth, beauty and versatility of terrazzo flooring. Award-winning designs and installations from NCTA contractors include hospitals, colleges, research centers, sports arenas, transportation hubs, and churches.

The NTMA judges submissions of terrazzo installations each year and awards only the top projects in craftsmanship, scope and design. Founded in 1923, the NTMA establishes national standards for terrazzo installation. All members meet rigid proficiency standards while participating in continuing educational seminars. The NTMA generously provides complete specifications, color palettes and general information to architects and designers at no cost.

Planes, Trains, and Terrazzo

Where there’s travel, there’s great terrazzo!

With its easy clean up and time-tested durability, terrazzo is the perfect material for airports and train stations. The wide color selection and material flexibility of terrazzo give designers the freedom to craft the best designs to welcome passengers as they board and exit. Not to mention that the smoothness of gleaming, polished terrazzo floors makes pulling luggage a whole lot easier.

From the rich, multi-colored nature designs at the Cleveland airport to the iconic storytelling designs of the Uptown train station in Normal, Illinois, to the vibrant, colorful flooring at the Lambert-St. Louis international airport, we’ve rounded-up some of the most captivating terrazzo travel creations that the Midwest has to offer. We hope our video will spark ideas for your next airport or train station design. We wish you happy holiday season!

Design Versatility at Your Feet:

A Walking Tour

While terrazzo is often associated with durability and timeless design, its versatility makes it perfect for creating works of art at your feet.

Designers and architects have the freedom to experiment with terrazzo’s vast color palette and create any pattern they choose. Want to create bold letters in a funky font? Or direct a path by the lines laid out? Or create a mosaic look using a variety of aggregate and hues? Terrazzo does it all!

Join us and be inspired by our Walking Tour throughout the Midwest. Notice amazing art from one building to the next as you look down at your feet (and see ours too!).

Entryways: Designing First Impressions

Make The Right First Impression with a Crisp Entryway Design:

It’s always important to make a good first impression. In a social or business situation, it starts with a smile or handshake. For a building, it starts with the entrance.

The precision of an entryway design communicates an institution’s standards, pride and culture. It lets visitors know they’re in the right place.

For this video, we’ve selected sharp designs from various schools and universities that exemplify the impact of a crisp entryway design. From the bold maize at University of Michigan’s Crisler Center to the regal emblem of Notre Dame’s Eck Hall of Law, terrazzo takes detailed designs from imagination to reality.

More flexible than other flooring materials, terrazzo offers a wide color palette that can accommodate such elaborate designs while withstanding the test of time. Take a look at these gems from our gallery. We hope they spark ideas for your next entryway design.

Corridors: Pathways to Creative Design

A corridor isn’t merely a space. It’s a path between where you’re coming from and where you’re going.

For this NCTA video, we highlighted some of our best hallway and corridor designs to illustrate some well-designed possibilities. As you’ll see in the video, these designers and architects used color-rich terrazzo to turn the foundations of schools, hospitals and other structures into works of art beneath our feet.

“(Terrazzo) certainly offers you more freedom in terms of design options,” said Martin Wolf, SCB’s design lead on the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital. Martin pointed out that terrazzo can take numerous forms, including organic, flowing shapes.

Terrazzo Installation

Have you ever wondered how terrazzo floor is installed?

This video takes you through all the steps, from prepping the existing surface with a blast machine to the finishing touches of sealing the terrazzo.

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