Terrazzo Transforms Educational Center

Terrazzo Transforms Educational Center

Terrazzo Transforms Educational Center

Schools need ample space, since they provide many more services than classroom instruction. Many school host events like concerts, parent-teacher conferences, book and science fairs, and teacher training seminars. Often, schools accommodate these needs by building separate conference or event spaces. But what if a school already has a separate space, and it needs more?

The Macomb Intermediate School District’s (MISD) Educational Services Center serves as the primary resource for special education, student services, and instructional and educational training for the district. The continued growth of these programs meant MISD was quickly outgrowing the building.  To meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff, an addition was necessary.

Macomb terrazzo

On tight site restrictions, Integrated Design Solutions worked to blend the addition into one seamless complex within the existing building, while providing the school with the space it needed. The three-story addition includes a large atrium, a conference center, training spaces on the first and second floors, and offices on the third.

 Because the atrium would serve as the main gathering space for large functions and the through-way to the other areas, it would see the most heavy traffic. Ann Green, senior associate and manager of interior design, Integrated Design Solutions, said terrazzo created a flexible solution for the various uses of the atrium.

Terrazzo’s flexibility allowed for the curvilinear features of the building’s architecture to be incorporated into the flooring. These curves and repeating elements were used to highlight the main traffic flow, create a connection to the existing building, and emphasize the function of the building as a whole.

macomb intermediate terrazzo

“We created a playful pattern, since the functions in the building are all about serving children of Macomb County,” Green said.  “Terrazzo is a durable, seamless, timeless material with unlimited design possibilities.”

These unlimited possibilities of terrazzo paired well with the brick, wood, and natural light used in the atrium design, making it a design that will stand the test of time and help educate students for years to come.

macomb school terrazzo

Project Name: Macomb Intermediate School District Educational Services Addition (Clinton Township,  MI)

Client:  Macomb Intermediate School District (Clinton Township,  MI)

Terrazzo Contractor:  Michielutti Bros Inc. (Eastpointe, MI)

Architect: Integrated Design Solutions, LLC (Troy, MI)

General Contractor:  Barton Malow Company (Southfield, MI)

Terrazzo Material(s) Supplier: (Epoxy, Chips)  HB Fuller Company (St. Paul, MN), Terrazzo & Marble Supply Company (Wheeling, IL)

Divider Strips Supplier: National Metal Shapes (Delaware, OH)

Photography: Bob Michielutti Jr.

Precast Work:  Angelozzi Precast Terrazzo Products, LLC (West Berlin, NJ)

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