Terrazzo Targets Tomorrow’s Minds With Interactive Design

Terrazzo Targets Tomorrow’s Minds With Interactive Design

Brooks Elementary terrazzo

Brooks Elementary School isn’t your typical elementary school. You won’t find mascots on the walls or floor. The walls aren’t painted only school colors, and the school name around every corner.

Instead, you will find elegant geometric designs reminiscent of a high-end office building, with just the right pop of color to intrigue the young minds that walk the halls.

Throughout the project, Rosa Mosaic worked closely with the architecture firm discussing the high polish finish process, maintenance, and color development. These colors are reflected on the floors, walls, and ceilings, creating a vibrant and interactive educational space.

As soon as a student enters the school, this interaction begins with a broken star compass terrazzo design.

Brooks Elementary terrazzo hallway

“To the children, the broken star and the directions show that the elementary school is the center of their world and everything goes out north, south, east, and west from there,” Rosa Mosaic’s Anna Tatman said.

In another hallway a purple, green, and white checkerboard transitions into an orange and purple hopscotch pattern. “It’s very directional,” Tatman said. “It draws you into that corridor and makes you want to hop down the hall.”

No wonder the intriguing designs at Brooks won an NTMA Honor Award.

“The district was so very excited about the quality of finishes that were going into the building. They felt like terrazzo was an investment that was worthwhile because it would be helping to teach the minds of tomorrow,” Tatman said. “They really did put the dollars into where the kids were going to be. It’s a testimony to what we need to concentrate on when we work with schools—the kids.”

Brooks Elementary terrazzo corridor

Project: Brooks Elementary School (Brooks, KY)
Client: Bullitt County Public Schools (Shepherdsville, KY)
Terrazzo Contractor: Rosa Mosaic & Tile (Louisville, KY)
Architect: Sherman, Carter, Barnhart PSC (Louisville, KY)
General Contractor: Derek Engineering, Inc (Louisville, KY)
Material Suppliers
Resin Supplier: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies (Wheeling, IL)
Aggregate Supplier: Southern Aggregates (Staley, NC)
Divider Strips: Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Co. (Staley, NC)
Photography: David Laudadio

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