Terrazzo Shows What Buildings Stand For

Terrazzo Shows What Buildings Stand For

Blackhawks terrazzo logo

Buildings are often more than just temperature-controlled shelters. They stand for something. That something might be team spirit, academic excellence, or civic responsibility. Whatever a building’s higher purpose, it deserves the indelible impression of terrazzo.

Designers know that terrazzo can make any emblem or logo stand out with brilliant color and precise lines while maintaining a consistent texture with the rest of the floor. Terrazzo allows buildings to showcase their allegiances, affiliations, crests, mascots, and more with just the right amount of flair, elegance, and pride.

Terrazzo logo

Using terrazzo for stunning logos would not be possible without divider strips and laser-cut metal shapes and letters. Divider strips harness all the bold color and scintillating texture of terrazzo into any design. Mascots are rendered flawlessly. Typefaces can be as bold or delicate as necessary. Perfect circles help the designs radiate with authority.

Michigan State terrazzo logo

To view more terrazzo samples, visit the NCTA’s Design Gallery.

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