Terrazzo Revamps Vacant Building into Health Pavilion

Terrazzo Revamps Vacant Building into Health Pavilion

TJ Samson Terrazzo

To expand its outpatient healthcare services in Barren County, KY, the T.J. Samson Community Hospital transformed a vacant Walmart into a centralized healthcare pavilion serving south central Kentucky.

The hospital reinvested in its local community by repurposing previous retail space into a facility that houses all outpatient services, including: kidney care, radiology, T.J. Urgent Care, lab and rehabilitation services, a women’s center, and T.J. Health partners physicians’ offices.

TJ Samson terrazzo hallway

The 126,000-square-foot pavilion includes more than 26,000 feet of terrazzo in a four-color radial pattern. The facility’s atrium includes radial steps that consist of poured-in-place terrazzo in two colors. The entire project was finished with a high polish.

Though the building was repurposed, Anna Tatman, of Rosa Mosaic, said the terrazzo installation still included several challenges: spanning over existing and new concrete slabs along with finishing large areas of the terrazzo floor while coordinating with the overhead work of other tradespersons in the atrium.

The flooring pattern encourages traffic through the health pavilion. It also establishes enclaves where patients and healthcare providers can interact. Terrazzo was the ideal flooring for the design due to its free-form, fluid look and its wide range of color options.

TJ Samson Hospital terrazzo

“It’s durable and can be maintained easily even with patients and guests at the facility 24 hours a day,” Tatman said. “It’s a wonderful flooring option for healthcare facilities.”

Project Name: T.J. Samson Health Pavilion, Glasgow, KY

Client: T.J. Samson Hospital, Glasgow, KY

Terrazzo Contractor: Rosa Mosaic and Tile Co., Louisville, KY

Architect: Stengel Hill Architecture, Louisville, KY

General Contractor: Alliance Corporation, Glasgow, KY

Terrazzo Material(s) Supplier: (Epoxy, Chips) Terrazzo and Marble Supply Companies, Wheeling, IL

Divider Strips Supplier: National Metal Shapes, Inc., Delaware, OH

Photography: David Laudadio

Artists: Inner Design Studio, Brentwood, TN

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