Terrazzo Cost

Terrazzo Cost

Terrazzo cost takes many factors into consideration. While terrazzo is known for its beauty and durability, architects often specify terrazzo for its impact on project cost as well.

Architecture, engineering and interior design firm Cannon Design primarily specifies terrazzo for education and healthcare buildings. In more recent years, terrazzo flooring has helped clients gain LEED points for their new buildings, but that is only one of the many benefits terrazzo offers. Although it is considered the expensive alternative, terrazzo stands up on cost, too.

“The cost isn’t ridiculous,” says Maurya Cohan, a Color & Materials Specialist in the Chicago office of Cannon Design. The cost is higher than carpeting or other flooring but only if the customer considers the original price tag. Maintenance for terrazzo is considerably less than other kinds of flooring.

“You are replacing carpet all the time,” she says. Terrazzo won’t harbor spilled foods, mold, or chemicals that make your visitors sneeze, it never stains, and it never discolors. Even after decades of heavy use, cracks are rare. With terrazzo flooring, “you get your money’s worth.”

And each client can select from a wide variety of colors and designs, as well as creating unique artwork, such as a logo or emblem, to welcome an institution’s friends and guests. As Cohan puts it, “Visually, terrazzo has a nice effect and wears well.”