Terrazzo Contributes to the Magic

Terrazzo Contributes to the Magic

Chicago magic lounge terrazzo flooring 3D menconi

Terrazzo Contributes to the Magic

Chicago Magic Lounge, Chicago, IL

Illusion is the essence of magic, and the terrazzo floor at the Chicago Magic Lounge, with its 3D stack block pattern, plays to that sense with an M.C. Escher visual illusion. Guests enter a faux-speakeasy entrance with a vinyl floor that transitions to terrazzo when entering the lounge itself, which has an elegant, retro style. “Terrazzo made the transition work well while adding depth and character to the room,” said architect John Morris of Morris Architects Planners. “Terrazzo is the best way to do that.”

The space was small and presented layout and phasing challenges to Menconi Terrazzo. Steve Menconi, general manager of Menconi Terrazzo, said, “The owner, contractor, and architect all worked hand in hand with our installers” to make the project run smoothly. An unusual aspect of the project was installing wiring underneath the terrazzo floor that connects to hearing aids for those needing help hearing the performer. Menconi had never done that before, and they worked directly with the electrician to test how the wiring reacted with the epoxy.

Don Clark, Jr., co-owner of the Chicago Magic Lounge, appreciates the finished space: “We wanted our venue to be magical in all aspects. Choosing a floor design and terrazzo manufacturer with the great skill to execute our mission was key to creating the magic of our lounge.”

chicago magic lounge terrazzo 3d flooring menconi
chicago magic lounge terrazzo 3d flooring menconi
chicago magic lounge terrazzo 3d flooring menconi

PROJECT NAME: Chicago Magic Lounge
OWNER/CLIENT: Chicago Magic Lounge
ARCHITECT: Morris Architects-Planners
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: LoDestro Construction Co.
DIVIDER STRIP SUPPLIER: Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Co.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Viken Djaferian, FotoGrafix

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