Terrazzo Brings Life to Hospital Restoration

Terrazzo Brings Life to Hospital Restoration

Cook County Hospital holds a significant place in Chicago’s history. Considered in the early 1900s as one of the premier teaching hospitals in the world, the building saw many thousands of patients and held a central place in community medicine until its closure in 2002. Designed by famed Chicago architect Paul Gerhardt, the original building has a distinct silhouette in the city and once boasted beautiful terrazzo flooring.

Cook County Hospital Restoration

After years of sitting vacant and slowly falling apart, development plans between Murphy Development and Walsh Construction are bringing the building back to life. The main building will be repurposed as a high-end hotel, with offices for the new Cook County Hospital and community-focused development also planned.

Cook County Hospital Original Terrazzo

The partnership’s primary aim has been in bringing the property back to life as it once stood. Restoration efforts aim to recreate the building’s past beauty, from the terracotta edifice to the repair and restoration of the original terrazzo flooring.


The project is still in process. We’ll update you with photos of the finished job. Until then, view more photos of the work below.

Terrazzo Installation

Photos by Eric Masi.