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Terrazzo and Basketball: A Match Made in Winter

Terrazzo and Basketball: A Match Made in WinterFiserv Forum, Milwaukee, WI Winter is the perfect time for basketball. But wintertime can be tough on floors where many people track in melting snow and ice on boots and shoes. When the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks wanted to build a new arena, the owners opted for terrazzo flooring, [...]

Profiles in Terrazzo: William Ketcham

Profiles in Terrazzo William Ketcham Architect, Principal Stantec Architecture Inc. After earning his BArch at the University of Kentucky, Bill Ketcham moved to Chicago and has been working in architecture ever since. Ketcham started working with terrazzo almost from the onset of his professional career, and he is a great admirer of the product. "Terrazzo [...]

Gateway Arch Museum Stands on Multi-Level Terrazzo Floors

Gateway Arch Museum Stands on Multi-Level Terrazzo FloorsGateway Arch, St. Louis, MO The Gateway Arch National Park Museum and Visitor Center is a soaring symbol that manifests the starting point of westward expansion. The mezzanine level floor incorporates the perfect image to match the Arch's grandeur: a map of the United States depicting the major [...]

Terrazzo Contributes to the Magic

Terrazzo Contributes to the MagicChicago Magic Lounge, Chicago, IL Illusion is the essence of magic, and the terrazzo floor at the Chicago Magic Lounge, with its 3D stack block pattern, plays to that sense with an M.C. Escher visual illusion. Guests enter a faux-speakeasy entrance with a vinyl floor that transitions to terrazzo when entering [...]

Terrazzo Turns a High School into a Signature Building for a Community

Terrazzo Turns a High School into a Signature Building for a CommunityHart County High School, Munfordville, KY When the Hart County Board of Education decided the county's only high school needed to be replaced, it was no small project. Not only did the new high school need to be built on the same campus, it [...]

Profiles in Terrazzo: Barbara Palm

Profiles in Terrazzo Barbara Palm Director of Interiors Anderson Mikos Architects, LTD When Barbara Palm of Anderson Mikos Architects first encountered terrazzo some 20 years ago during a hospital renovation, she was not at all familiar with the product and found the prospect of working with it a little daunting. There was a lot to [...]

Terrazzo: The Geometry in Our Floors

The Geometry in Our Floors Geometry and shapes are all around us. Terrazzo provides the opportunity to mirror these shapes on the floor beneath our feet. By using lines and curves, a floor can guide us, inspire us, or pique our imagination. Take a look at "The Geometry in our Floors" as we showcase some [...]

Terrazzo: State of the Art, Classical Design

A State of the Art, Classically Designed Building Respects the Surrounding Neighborhood DePaul University's new music facility fits perfectly into Chicago's eclectic Lincoln Park neighborhood.  The owners specifically wanted the "look" of the neighborhood respected  and used when considering the finished structure. "We selected terrazzo as a flooring material for the primary public spaces of [...]

Terrazzo: The Colors of Possibility

The Colors of Possibility Terrazzo offers nearly limitless design possibilities. By customizing colors and aggregate combinations, spaces become one-of-a-kind. Whether you are looking for intricate multi-color designs, or seamless one-color designs, terrazzo offers it all. Take a look at “The Colors of Possibility” as we showcase all the colors of the rainbow.

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Terrazzo: Bringing an iconic office building up to date

Terrazzo: Bringing an iconic office building up to dateAON Center Chicago, Chicago, IL A hospitality-focused lobby brings comfort, warmth, and openness to the AON Center, a mid-century modern Chicago architectural icon. The redesign of the commercial office lobby pays homage to the original International Style architecture. As a space with multiple lobbies and pathways, the [...]

Terrazzo Provides Renewal

Terrazzo Provides RenewalPresence Resurrection Hospital Chapel, Chicago, IL After a devastating fire in the Chapel at Presence Resurrection Hospital in December 2014, a full restoration was required. The chapel had provided over 60 years of solace and support. Its destruction was a loss for the whole community. But out of the fire came an opportunity [...]

Best of NCTA 2018

Best of NCTA 2018Breadth, Beauty, Versatility Each year, the North Central Terrazzo Association gathers to discuss advances in technology, to refine industry techniques, and to build camaraderie across our association. We seek to make time-tested terrazzo techniques even better. We also look back at the projects completed by our association members that show the breadth, beauty, and [...]

Terrazzo Takes Flight

Terrazzo Takes FlightGerald R. Ford International Airport, Grand Rapids, MI A flowing terrazzo design laid the groundwork for the $45 million Gateway Transformation Project. The architects used the powerful terrazzo design, combined with lighting, to streamline the space and direct passengers through design. The design radiates from the new consolidated security checkpoint sweeping down the [...]

Terrazzo: Your imagination is the only limit on the table

Terrazzo: Your imagination is the only limit on the tableGrand Victoria Casino, Elgin, IL At the Grand Victoria Casino, the bold colors and striking terrazzo patterns make the floor buzz with energy. The eye-catching design was installed to replace the existing slate tile floor as part of a $4 million, 20th anniversary renovation. Covering 10,000 [...]

The Spirit of Louisville

The Spirit of LouisvilleLouisville International Airport, Louisville, KY When you walk through the Louisville International Airport, the spirit of the city unfolds in a cultural treasure trove, mapped on the airport's award-winning terrazzo floor. The energy of the race comes through with bold patterns of horseshoes, silks, and jockey helmets. You can get a glimpse [...]

Flowing Design, Welcoming Space

Flowing Design, Welcoming SpaceRush Copley Hospital, Aurora, IL When it was time for a significant expansion of the Rush Copley Hospital, they turned to terrazzo for a significant and distinct first impression. When you step through the main entrance, you immediately encounter the welcoming flooring design. The flowing lines and curves are in perfect harmony [...]

March Madness, Terrazzo Strength

March Madness, Terrazzo StrengthTerrazzo Brings Energy to the Court Whether you’re shouting, “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!” or “Go Blue!” the terrazzo designs in sports arenas are sure to boost your energy. Players and fans alike will get a ready for the big game in an atmosphere that exudes team spirit. Arenas set with logos, team colors, [...]

Free Form Designs Meld Research and Patient Care

Free Form Designs Meld Research and Patient CareShirley Ryan AbilityLab, Chicago, IL Terrazzo gives the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab an energetic flow, with free-form designs and bright colors. Patients, family, and caregivers walk into an uplifting and lively space. It’s a place to get things done, discover, innovate, and heal. The terrazzo construction is not limited [...]

Artistry Reflecting Research

Artistry Reflecting ResearchNorthwestern Technological Institute, Evanston, IL Buildings and interiors tell stories. Each organization, its history, and its purpose are reflected in the design. Terrazzo lets you use color, material accents, and custom art to illustrate the tale, complementing the furnishings and lighting while bringing continuity and character to the story. The terrazzo design for [...]

Long-Lasting Terrazzo Saves Taxpayer Dollars

Long-Lasting Terrazzo Saves Taxpayer Dollars When deciding on a floor for government and public education projects, designers and architects might feel like they have to compromise cost for beauty and durability. But with terrazzo’s remarkable longevity, they don’t have to. Terrazzo can be used to construct designs that can last decades without replacement and with [...]

Make Your Space Buzz: Entertaining Terrazzo Designs

Make Your Space BuzzEntertaining Terrazzo Designs With vibrant color options, eye-catching designs, and striking patterns, terrazzo can make your venue come alive. Versatile terrazzo can create designs that set the atmosphere in all types of entertainment venues including casinos, theaters, and hotels. From the bold colors used in the Grand Victoria Casino to bring the [...]

Recycled and Radiant

More than 1,500 years ago, Italian artisans learned to mix marble scraps—waste material from other projects—with cement to create beautiful flooring designs for lobbies, plazas, and other public spaces. The reuse of materials is as important today as it was centuries ago. Modern-day terrazzo uses recycled materials that can be locally sourced, making it a [...]

Elegant Environmental Design

Using terrazzo flooring can add the finishing touch to a creative and modern design. Vibrant patterns and artful compositions can add to the visual appeal of a space. Not only can terrazzo be used to bring colorful and complex designs to life, it can be used to meet green building standards. Because terrazzo uses recycled [...]

5 Ways Terrazzo Supports LEED Certifications

Terrazzo’s traditional craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal make it the first choice for many designers. The vibrant colors and design possibilities make it the preferred flooring to impress visitors and fit in with a wide variety of styles. But terrazzo can also help you get credits needed for LEED certification. NCTA contractors have done work on [...]

Terrazzo: Unique Design in Blended Space

Cafaro Chooses Terrazzo for Unique Design in Blended SpaceCafaro Company Headquarters, Niles, OH When the Cafaro Company was designing the new corporate headquarters, they turned to terrazzo to deliver a stunning, yet functional, design. The project changed the face, and the very core, of the existing building. The architect and designers at Phillips|Sekanick Architects, Inc. [...]

Longevity Meets Beauty

Longevity Meets Beauty If a project’s ideal floor is long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing, the traditional craftsmanship and artistry of the design offered by terrazzo fills the bill. Terrazzo can be used to render gorgeous designs that can outlast the buildings themselves. The intricate and elegant construction in the convent of the Sisters of St. Francis [...]

Defining Terrazzo: What makes terrazzo?

Defining Terrazzo:What makes terrazzo? Terrazzo flooring has a long and rich history that dates back over 1,500 years. The word terrazzo originated from the Italian word for “terrace,” and it was created by Venetian marble workers discovering new uses for discarded marble chips. With today’s building technologies, terrazzo designs can now offer a nearly limitless array of colors, with enough [...]

Epoxy Terrazzo or Cement Terrazzo: What’s the difference?

Epoxy Terrazzo or Cement Terrazzo:What's the difference? Recently, we've noticed one repeating question from designers: What's the difference between Epoxy Terrazzo and Cement Terrazzo? Knowing that these are two great choices, we're going to answer that burning question and provide reasons why you might choose one over the other. Terrazzo is one of the oldest [...]

Reflecting our DNA with Design

Reflecting our DNA with DesignMichigan State University, East Lansing, MI There is no design more pure and beautiful than that of the human body. When Michigan State University looked to build their new bio-engineering facility terrazzo flooring was a natural choice - like the human body it provides perfect form and function. The project won a [...]

Three Tips for Project Success: Terrazzo design and installation

Three Tips for Project SuccessTerrazzo design and installation Terrazzo flooring presents a unique blend of aesthetic choices, functional considerations, and practical applications. Designers and architects who find the near perfect blend in creating a beautiful and functional floor keep these three things in mind during a project. Coordinate the concrete. Pulling together a meeting between [...]

Terrazzo Tales: Floors that tell stories

Terrazzo TalesFloors that tell stories Terrazzo tells stories. With the rich color selection and freedom of design, terrazzo lets you create visual narratives that last through time. This can be seen in the design for Frazier History Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. The museum, located in the city’s Museum Row, has a terrazzo flooring that features [...]

Wayfinding: Designs that Guide

WayfindingDesigns that Guide Wayfinding systems guide people—they provide a visual experience to make complex spaces easier to navigate. Terrazzo is especially suited for helping patients orient to large healthcare facilities, students navigate from one classroom to another, and travelers find their way in airports. Adventist Cancer Institute is a case in point. Its poured in [...]

Winning Designs

Winning Designs:Highlights of beauty and quality We proudly highlight some of the past National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA) honor award winners within the North Central Terrazzo Association (NCTA), to show the breadth, beauty and versatility of terrazzo flooring. Award-winning designs and installations from NCTA contractors include hospitals, colleges, research centers, sports arenas, transportation hubs, [...]

Updating, while honoring the past

It’s the time of year when we reflect on the past and charge ahead into the future. With that in mind, we’ve chosen to feature the historic Joliet Central High School’s new student center. While the school’s central campus was added to the National Register of Historic places in August 1982, its student center features [...]

Planes, Trains, and Terrazzo

Planes, Trains, and Terrazzo   Where there’s travel, there’s great terrazzo! With its easy clean up and time-tested durability, terrazzo is the perfect material for airports and train stations. The wide color selection and material flexibility of terrazzo give designers the freedom to craft the best designs to welcome passengers as they board and exit. […]

Design Versatility at Your Feet: A Walking Tour

Design Versatility at Your Feet: A Walking Tour While terrazzo is often associated with durability and timeless design, its versatility makes it perfect for creating works of art at your feet. Designers and architects have the freedom to experiment with terrazzo’s vast color palette and create any pattern they choose. Want to create bold letters […]

Make The Right First Impression with a Crisp Entryway Design

Make The Right First Impression with a Crisp Entryway Design   It’s always important to make a good first impression. In a social or business situation, it starts with a smile or handshake. For a building, it starts with the entrance. The precision of an entryway design communicates an institution’s standards, pride and culture. It […]

Terrazzo Provides Pathways to Creative, Timeless Design

Terrazzo Provides Pathways to Creative, Timeless Design   A corridor isn’t merely a space. It’s a path between where you’re coming from and where you’re going. For this NCTA terrazzo blog, we highlighted some of our best hallway and corridor designs to illustrate some well-designed possibilities. As you’ll see in the video, these designers and […]

3 Things Every Designer Should Know When Working with Terrazzo

3 Things Every Designer Should Know When Working with Terrazzo  Interview with Interior Designer, Kate Bautista, HGA   From hospitals to global tech centers, it’s Kate Bautista’s job to create appealing commercial spaces, which is one reason the HGA interior designer and her colleagues embrace terrazzo flooring. “The idea that you can mix and modify the […]

Terrazzo Provides Eye-Catching Looks with Durability

  With more than 16,000 credit and noncredit students roaming its facilities, Malcolm X College wanted to install flooring that would be easy to maintain despite the burden of heavy foot traffic. Terrazzo, offering a combination of longevity, color choices and easy maintenance, turned out to be the ideal choice. The higher education institution near […]

Replacing Brick and Carpet with Terrazzo Color

  When St. Ignatius College Prep sought to replace brick and the carpeted flooring, it looked to the versatility of terrazzo. The private college prep school near Chicago’s West Side called in Chicago-based Amici Terrazzo to design and build a seven-color terrazzo floor that would preserve the school’s historical qualities while serving its needs as […]

Terrazzo: The Most Elegant Compass You’ll Ever See

Terrazzo: The Most Elegant Compass You’ll Ever See Adventist Cancer Institute, Hinsdale, IL   When patients and visitors glance at the new terrazzo floor in the Adventist Cancer Institute in Hinsdale, Illinois, they may only notice the rich blue and green hues. But there’s much more to it than a striking design. Earl Swensson Associates […]

Salvation Army Chooses Terrazzo for Durability and Gloss

Salvation Army Chooses Terrazzo for Durability and Gloss Salvation Army, Hoffman Estates, IL   After being pleased with terrazzo at a Chicago building, Major Cheryl Lawry chose terrazzo again for the Salvation Army Illinois office. The Salvation Army’s main office in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, now has 15,000 square feet of terrazzo flooring in white and […]

Terrazzo Helps University Structures Connect

Terrazzo Helps University Structures Connect Olin School of Business Expansion, St. Louis   As Washington University began revamping the flooring in the Olin School of Business, the renowned St. Louis college called in Moore Ruble Architects & Planners and Missouri Terrazzo to design and execute the job. The 34,000-square-foot terrazzo installation was part of a […]

Terrazzo Ties Together Hospital’s “Whimsical” Architecture

How can terrazzo be installed in a busy hospital and complement its existing architectural design? Ask Kevin Rickman of Missouri Terrazzo. Missouri Terrazzo’s major challenge on the Mercy Hospital project in St. Louis was to install at 3/8” epoxy terrazzo, in 6 colors, with multiple radius designs, in multiple phases while keeping a very busy […]

Terrazzo Quality: Worth the Wait

When the highly anticipated new high school in Knoxville, IL ran into scheduling conflicts and budgetary concerns, a decision was made to remove the beautifully designed terrazzo concept from the project. Because of terrazzo’s reputation for high quality, pattern options and ease of maintenance, this split-second reaction was quickly reversed, and the installation was pegged […]

Terrazzo Ignites Warm Atmosphere of Hospital

Creating a sustainable, yet contemporary addition to an existing hospital requires impeccable design and diligence from architects. Skidmore Owings & Merrill Ohio LLC (SOM) rose to the challenge by enhancing Christ Hospital with a modern Joint and Spine Center that emphasizes wellness. The 381,000-square-foot addition includes a new main entrance and concourse for the hospital; 87 patient rooms; 12 operating room; […]

W.C. Reavis Elementary Hits High Note with Terrazzo

Historically, one-room schoolhouses let children know the school day was about to begin with the ringing of a bell atop the building. When renovating W.C. Reavis Elementary School, the Lansing School District asked JMA Architects to pay homage to this tradition in its designs for the building’s additions. Completed in two phases, the renovations included […]

Terrazzo Reflects School’s Bright Mission

The architects at MoDE Architects already had many colors in mind at the very beginning of the project to build the new ASPIRA of Illinois Business and Finance High School. After spending a short time in the John Caretti showroom, all seven colors and the aggregates were chosen quickly. The school, located in the Logan […]

New Student Center Creates Link Between Past and Present

At Currey Ingram Academy, the ornate design of the buildings and campus landscape is as much a tradition of the school as the prestigious education it offers. From stone to pine finishes, the newly built Jennifer & Billy Frist Hall reflects the time honored heritage of Currey Ingram Academy from floor to ceiling. Among those […]

Terrazzo Revamps Vacant Building into Health Pavilion

To expand its outpatient healthcare services in Barren County, KY, the T.J. Samson Community Hospital transformed a vacant Walmart into a centralized healthcare pavilion serving south central Kentucky. The hospital reinvested in its local community by repurposing previous retail space into a facility that houses all outpatient services, including: kidney care, radiology, T.J. Urgent Care, […]

Terrazzo Complements Traditions of Courthouse

Located in downtown Frankfort, KY, the Franklin County Courthouse and Judicial Center served as one of the most historic and recognizable buildings in the state capitol. Originally completed in 1835, a jail and annex were later added in 1949 and 1968 respectively. But by 2010, the Greek revival style building was no longer able to […]

2015 NTMA Honor Awards

In celebration of the most interesting, creative, beautiful, and appealing terrazzo floors completed by NTMA contractors, the NTMA recently announced its 2015 NTMA Honor Award winners. The NCTA is pleased to announce that two of its members won honor awards for their exquisite work: Menconi Terrazzo and Michielutti Bros., Inc.   This annual competition honors the […]

Terrazzo Transforms Educational Center

Schools need ample space, since they provide many more services than classroom instruction. Many school host events like concerts, parent-teacher conferences, book and science fairs, and teacher training seminars. Often, schools accommodate these needs by building separate conference or event spaces. But what if a school already has a separate space, and it needs more? The Macomb […]

Terrazzo Targets Tomorrow’s Minds With Interactive Design

Brooks Elementary School isn’t your typical elementary school. You won’t find mascots on the walls or floor. The walls aren’t painted only school colors, and the school name around every corner. Instead, you will find elegant geometric designs reminiscent of a high-end office building, with just the right pop of color to intrigue the young minds […]

Terrazzo Bridges the Gap on Hospital Campus

Terrazzo brings together design and practicality, form and function, classic and modern. On a healthcare campus like Northwestern Memorial Hospital, it ties together the existing and the new, telling a story from one building to the next—leading patients along their road back to health. When Northwestern Memorial Hospital decided to build a 26-story outpatient care pavilion in its downtown Chicago […]

Terrazzo Creates Perfect Chemistry Between Science and Art

More often than not, science and art are seen as opposite sides of the spectrum. Logic versus creativity. Reality versus imagination. Right brain versus left brain. But if you take a look at the remarkable terrazzo floors in the Richard and Barbara Silverman Hall for Molecular Therapeutics and Diagnostics, you will find that one without the other is impossible. The […]

Terrazzo Maps Out Early American History

One of first things you notice when you reach the second floor of the Frazier History Museum is an intricate map of the American colonies, complete with waterways, towns, and topographic contour lines. But, it’s not in a display case or framed on the wall. You’ll find it beneath your feet, as an amazing terrazzo floor, leading […]

Nothin’ But Net: Crisler Center Plays Above the Rim with Terrazzo

The Crisler Center, the home of Wolverine basketball since 1967, was in need of a renovation. Less than ideal amenities, seating, and air and plumbing systems kept the aging arena from measuring up to others across the Big Ten Conference. Though upgrades were necessary, Bill Frederick, architect at TMP Architecture, said at its heart, the Crisler Center had […]

Renovation Revitalizes Detroit’s Former Federal Reserve Building

As the revitalization of Detroit continues, Bedrock Real Estate Services continues to complete substantial urban renewal work in the city’s downtown. Among its many accomplishments is the renovation and renewal of the former Federal Reserve Building, abandoned before the economic crisis hit Rock City, into a mixed-use property with space for retail, housing, and commercial […]

Terrazzo Ties Together Traditions and Tales of Scottish Rite

Rooted in tradition and tales of brotherhood and mystery, the Scottish Rite Cathedral Association Valley of Chicago needed to lay the cornerstones for a new home. After 100 years at its downtown Chicago location, the building could no longer meet the needs of the Scottish Rite, a division of the Freemasons. A move to the […]

Terrazzo Creates Whirlwind of School Spirit

As powerful as a tornado, a good education has the ability to cause remarkable change. Once absorbed, knowledge is carried to places much further than where it began, elevating students to new heights. Paducah Middle School embraces its mascot and provides a wealth of inspiration right as you enter the school. Greeting you on the floor of the main entrance […]

NTMA Honor Awards: Crisler Center

With concourses that were old, dated, and constricted, the University of Michigan’s Crisler Center needed a facelift. Bill Frederick, project architect with TMP Architecture Inc., said though the structure was solid, there just wasn’t the amount of space that is found in newer arenas. “What we wanted to do was build upon the strong elements of the existing Crisler building,” he […]

NTMA Honor Awards: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

With more than 11 million visitors a year, the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport serves as the first and last impression of the city to many. To establish Cleveland as the artistic and culturally diverse metropolitan that it is, the CLE Art Program was created. The project transformed the airport into a local art gallery. Like […]

NTMA Honor Awards: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

As the city of Detroit continues to recover from its devastating economic crisis, revitalization is everywhere. Included in this renewal was bringing the abandoned 1920s-built Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago building back to life in the hustle and bustle of downtown Rock City. And so Bedrock Real Estate Services set forth a challenge ROSSETTI couldn’t resist—design an open, light-filled ground floor renovation with […]

NTMA 2014 Honor Awards

Each year, the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association (NTMA) celebrates the most interesting, creative, beautiful, and appealing terrazzo floors completed by NTMA contractors with its annual NTMA Honor Awards. The awards honor the best terrazzo floors from the last year. Projects are judged on the basis of: excellence in craftsmanship intricacy of design scope of work […]

Dos and Don’ts for Terrazzo Floors

Your new terrazzo floor has been poured, ground, polished, and sealed. Though the sealer will protect the terrazzo from immediate stains, it isn’t smart to let spills soak and dry into the floor. So what should you do? Simple! Follow this list of terrazzo dos and don’ts to keep your flooring looking as new as […]

Ivy Tech Floored by Terrazzo Savings

Sometimes, projects go according to plan, without a hitch. Other times, especially with remodels and expansions, projects end up completely different from their original plans, but still produce something spectacular. Initially specified and priced as tile, the expansion of the Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Madison Campus Academic Building was slated to come in way over budget. A radial […]

Early Education

Children and their education are our future. The schools they attend must provide them with safety, support, and inspiration. This means longevity, durability, and sustainability are necessary components of the building’s design. Terrazzo flooring is ideal for this. The inclusion of school logos, mascots, and colors in terrazzo flooring adds charm and excitement and rouses […]

Flooring Designs: You may be walking on a piece of art

Jennifer Harbster of the Library of Congress Science, Technology and Business division, believes that we rarely take the time to notice and enjoy the artistic details that go into the flooring design of a building. Sadly, she is right. But thankfully, she recognizes that if we just take a second to take quick look under […]

Dispelling Terrazzo Myths

As architects and designers move towards more sustainable, green design, terrazzo myths are increasingly being dispelled. We are here to highlight a few of the rumors and misconceptions, and show you the truth behind terrazzo. Terrazzo is old-fashioned. Though terrazzo dates back to the 15th century, it is far from old-fashioned. Pants are older than […]

Because It’s The Cup: Chicago Blackhawks Terrazzo

Because It’s The Cup, we wish the Chicago Blackhawks good luck tonight in Game 1 of their series against the St. Louis Blues. Lord Stanley would be very impressed with your spirited terrazzo logo created by Menconi Terrazzo! We are excited to see Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews back in action. Are you? Stay updated with […]

Terrazzo Provides a Bright Welcome That Will Never Fade

Linking America’s heartland to international crossroads, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport serves as a hub for the blending of the many different curiosities, cultures, traditions, and future possibilities of more than 12 million travelers a year. During a recent remodel, one objective was to create a brighter environment for these millions of travelers. Taking a creative approach to the update, a design competition […]

Past and Present: The History of Terrazzo

Terrazzo has quite the interesting history, with roots all over the globe. We’re going to take a quick dip into the history books and look at how terrazzo made its way to America. To look at the beginnings of terrazzo we have to go more back more than 500 years, to Italy. While marble was […]

Bringing Students Together

The student center is an important hub for any university–it’s a resource for students as well as a refuge from the stresses of academic life and often a much-needed social community for newcomers. Designing a student center means creating a space that will take a warm and fuzzy center in the memory of many an […]

There’s Nothing Normal About Uptown Station

You’d be wrong to refer to Uptown Station in Normal, Ill., as a train station. Yes, it is the second-busiest Amtrak station in Illinois, right behind Chicago, servicing more than 200,000 passengers a year. But it is also a centralized hub for those traveling via plane, bus, car, and bike. It’s also the town of […]

Terrazzo Artistry in Cleveland Airport

What better place to showcase the work of local Cleveland artists than a place where more than 11 million people visit every year? And what better material to bring those artistic visions to life than terrazzo? The city of Cleveland has done just that. Through the CLE Terrazzo Art Project, it has transformed the Cleveland […]

Terrazzo Adds a Tasteful Touch to New Ohio Facility

MANE Inc., a France-based corporation specializing in flavors, fragrances, and ingredients, recently constructed a brand-new manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Ohio. MANE wanted floors that were stylish, sterile, and sustainable. Those preferences narrowed it down to one choice: terrazzo. For the new construction project, Hixson handled the design of the terrazzo flooring in the lobby, cafeteria, […]

Terrazzo Breathes Life into New Chicago Children’s Hospital

  Terrazzo has many remarkable qualities, but therapeutic is not usually at the top of the list. That might change, thanks to terrazzo’s soothing presence throughout the new Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. On the 11th floor of the 23-story, $855 million hospital, there’s a space where young patients can roam, […]

Terrazzo Adds Class to Tinley Park Metra Station

When the City of Tinley Park, IL, and Metra, a commuter rail system, planned to redevelop the city’s 80th Avenue station in grand style, Legat Architects specified terrazzo flooring. “We wanted to reflect the grand era of train travel,” said architect Ted Haug. “It’s a reflection of city pride.” Entry into the stand-out station is […]

A Terrazzo Tribute to the Hoosier State

The Marriott Place Indianapolis, a collection of five new-construction Marriott hotels connected to the Indiana Convention Center, features a beautiful new arts garden just outside of the hotels. A tribute to the state of Indiana, the Art Plaza was designed by artist Jeff Laramore. Co-founder of Indianapolis-based 2nd Globe Studios, Laramore created a 36-foot-tall sculpture […]

Terrazzo Shows What Buildings Stand For

Buildings are often more than just temperature-controlled shelters. They stand for something. That something might be team spirit, academic excellence, or civic responsibility. Whatever a building’s higher purpose, it deserves the indelible impression of terrazzo. Designers know that terrazzo can make any emblem or logo stand out with brilliant color and precise lines while maintaining […]

A New Terrazzo Resource and Marketing Tool

The National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association (NTMA) has created an authoritative resource on its site. Terrazzo types and systems information can be found here. The web page features clearly labeled diagrams for six different types of terrazzo: Epoxy Terrazzo Sand Cushion Terrazzo Bonded Terrazzo Monolithic Terrazzo Polyacrylate Terrazzo Rustic Terrazzo Guide specifications with or without […]

Uniting Past and Present with Terrazzo

The Cathedral of Christ the King that stands today in Lexington, Ky., was built in 1967 with elegant terrazzo floors that still shine today. In the decades since its consecration, the cathedral has seen its parish grow to more than 3,000 families. In response, Christ the King, which has been the cathedral for the Diocese […]

Terrazzo Plays to Old Town School of Folk Music’s History of Innovation

Chicago’s historic and thriving Old Town School of Folk Music has celebrated its 55th anniversary with the opening of a brand-new building. One artistic choice the architects made to bring the school’s casual vibe into the 21st century? Terrazzo floors. Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin wrote in his review of the new building that the interior and […]

Six Decades Later, Terrazzo Still Inspires

The sisters of St. Francis Convent in Mishawaka, IN, have been singing, congregating, and praying on the same terrazzo floors since the convent’s construction in 1950. Even with minimal maintenance, the terrazzo floors in the lobby, corridors, convent chapel, and main chapel are as awe-inspiring today as they were more than 60 years ago when […]

Evoking Nature with Intricate, Sustainable Terrazzo

In honor of its 100th anniversary, the Rockford Park District in Rockford, IL, broke ground on the construction of the new Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens in August of 2009. Today, the conservatory is a glimmering jewel along the Rock River where locals and visitors can enjoy its exotic wildlife, streams and waterfalls, educational exhibits, and […]

Terrazzo Inspiration in New Center for Fine Arts

Chaminade College Preparatory School, an independent Catholic school in St. Louis for young men in grades 6-12, is known for its high levels of achievement in both academics and athletics. The school recently made use of a generous gift from alum Albert “Skip” Viragh to build an 80,000 square foot center for fine arts. Named […]

Santarossa Mosaic Celebrated its Indiana Design Center Showroom Grand Opening

Santarossa celebrated its Indiana Design Center showroom Grand Opening last November. The series of events included the unveiling of the new showroom, grand hall exhibit of full-sized natural stone slabs, and a granite countertops give-away.

Terrazzo Flooring in Healthcare: Part of a Hospital’s Plan for Patient Healing

Art was not an afterthought at the new Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids. It was part of the plan to promote healing its young patients and their parents—and integral to the building as a result. The 206-bed children’s hospital features more than 600 works of art, many by local children. The building’s colorful […]

Terrazzo Wins with Design Collaboration

Creating an usual school floor became a collaborative effort for design firm Muller & Muller. While working on the new West Ridge Elementary School on the northwest side of Chicago, the firm worked with the Chicago Public Building Commission (PBC) and terrazzo contractor John Caretti & Company to create three distinct but unified terrazzo patterns […]

Terrazzo Reflects University Traditions

For institutions of higher learning, tradition has always been paramount. Often these traditions are events like homecoming, activities such as community service, or values like leadership. Architecture, design, and aesthetics are also traditions at many of the proudest colleges and universities. Those that invest in terrazzo maintain a tradition of beautiful and resilient flooring for […]

Celebrating a City’s Culture in Terrazzo

Artist Hubert Massey works on a grand scale to celebrate culture. His latest outdoor project showcases the beauty and durability of terrazzo. “My main ambition in urban communities in the United States is to make a difference by telling the history of our cultural richness,” Massey told Elizabeth Atkins of BLAC Detroit. “My art celebrates how […]

What Terrazzo Brings to Commercial Property Developers

Architects and designers looking to offer terrazzo to commercial property developers face a curious problem. For public projects like fire stations or libraries, architects typically stress that terrazzo, though expensive to install, costs much less to maintain in the long run. But for a developer with plenty of capital looking to build a luxury office […]

NTMA Honors Awards 2011

A hearty congratulations to the Rosa Mosaic and Tile Company, of Louisville, Kentucky, for creating the best terrazzo flooring in the country in 2010! The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA) Job of the Year went to Rosa Mosaic for 19,000 square feet of terrazzo installed at the KFC Yum! Center. The arena seats 22,000 sports […]

Terrazzo Cost

Terrazzo cost takes many factors into consideration. While terrazzo is known for its beauty and durability, but architects often specify terrazzo for its impact on project cost as well. Architecture, engineering and interior design firm Cannon Design primarily specifies terrazzo for education and healthcare buildings. In more recent years, terrazzo flooring has helped clients gain […]

Terrazzo: A Beautiful Welcome for a New Visitor to Your Community

In the golden age of rail travel, the first impression most new visitors had of any major city came when they arrived in a magnificent 19th century train station. Travelers in recent years have more likely been introduced to a major city at an international airport. Alas, many major airports built over the last 40 […]

On their way to the basketball court, the crowds see your art

March Madness is well named. One out of five office workers bet on this annual college basketball extravaganza. The annual frenzy draws hundreds of thousands of fans to local basketball arenas across the country. In some places these fans see more than just basketball. The KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, home of the University of […]

Terrazzo Helps Travelers Go with the Flow

Airports are typically filled with stressed-out travelers frazzled by delays, lines and security. RS&H Architecture, the architects of the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport terminal, hired SKP Design to help alleviate some of that stress. Their solution was terrazzo. Sondra Phillips, owner of SKP, oversaw the terrazzo river design that now stretches along the second floor bridge […]

Terrazzo Flooring Helps Notre Dame Project Achieve LEED Certification

Terrazzo flooring, the original recycled flooring material, helped Notre Dame University’s Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center received LEED Gold certification. Among the sustainable design cited is the following: “16 percent of the building materials used consisted of post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content, including the structural steel and reinforcement, concrete, metal studs, insulation, aluminum window […]

Using Tax Dollars Wisely

People like to know that their tax dollars are spent wisely. In the case of St. Johns High School in St. Johns, Mich., concerned citizens can simply observe how the school’s original terrazzo floors have remained as rich in color and crack-free as when they were first installed more than 40 years ago. “Terrazzo is […]

Terrazzo Inspiration: Long-Lasting Flooring for Libraries

Terrazzo is well suited to public buildings, most notably libraries. The high-traffic entryways, hallways and reception areas need more durability than carpeting can supply. Polished, gleaming terrazzo is beautiful and tough. Terrazzo can withstand heavy weight, does not stain, and can be cleaned with basic cleaning supplies. When properly cared for, a terrazzo floor can […]

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