Terrazzo Adds Class to Tinley Park Metra Station

Terrazzo Adds Class to Tinley Park Metra Station

Tinley Park terrazzo
When the City of Tinley Park, IL, and Metra, a commuter rail system, planned to redevelop the city’s 80th Avenue station in grand style, Legat Architects specified terrazzo flooring. “We wanted to reflect the grand era of train travel,” said architect Ted Haug. “It’s a reflection of city pride.”

Entry into the stand-out station is marked by the city’s seal in the floor of gleaming terrazzo in a classic pattern. With its impressive clock tower, the station anchors the town and celebrates its 155-year legacy and strong connection to the railroad.

The station features a “Great Hall” with a 25-foot ceiling, a stone fireplace, and a full-service café area. The floor has a seamless, wall-to-wall look, with the terrazzo base recessed half an inch under the stone. The floor and base gets its gleam from a 200 grit finish sealed with terroxy solvent base sealer.

CLIENT: Metra and City of Tinley Park
PROJECT: 80th Avenue Station
ARCHITECT: Ted Haug, Legat Architects
TERRAZZO MATERIALS: Terrazzo and Marble Supply Companies
METAL STRIPS & LOGO: Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company

To view more terrazzo samples, visit the NCTA’s Design Gallery, or view the Terrazzo Color Palette.You can learn more about the NCTA here.


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