Terrazzo: A Beautiful Welcome for a New Visitor to Your Community

Terrazzo: A Beautiful Welcome for a New Visitor to Your Community

Lambert Airport
In the golden age of rail travel, the first impression most new visitors had of any major city came when they arrived in a magnificent 19th century train station. Travelers in recent years have more likely been introduced to a major city at an international airport. Alas, many major airports built over the last 40 or 50 years have frequently been designed to be utilitarian and cost effective.

It isn’t that way anymore. Airport terminals welcome visitors and give them a lasting impression of the host community with elegant terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo is ideal for an area with heavy traffic, like an airport terminal. Terrazzo is inexpensive and easy to maintain and will look great for decades. Some floors found in hotels and restaurants built in the 1930s look as good now as they did when they were first installed.

Even better, terrazzo flooring lends itself to wonderful custom designs. You can create a work of art that will prompt weary travelers to pause and admire—conveying a positive message about the community.

VIEW examples of terrazzo flooring designs.

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