Hart County High School, Munfordville, KY

When the Hart County Board of Education decided the county’s only high school needed to be replaced, it was no small project. Not only did the new high school need to be built on the same campus, it had to be in the same place. During the project, students were housed in one wing of the old building while the new building was erected.

Architect Kenny Stanfield knew terrazzo flooring was perfect for the high school. Terrazzo has “an aesthetic quality to it, and its durability makes it great for high foot traffic areas such as hallways, cafeterias, and lobbies.”

The terrazzo design capitalized on academic themes to create wayfinding throughout the school. DNA strands indicate the science wing, while the music wing features musical notes and staffs. Similar thematic designs were used for such areas as agriculture or humanities. Terrazzo not only provided wayfinding but also created a thematic definition for the building.

The intricate terrazzo designs help set the school apart, making it a distinctive building in the county. As the only high school in the county, Hart County High School is an important community building. Since every child goes to that building for education, it becomes a community unifier where everyone feels welcome and wants to be. “Terrazzo helped make it a signature building,” asserted Stanfield.

Project details

  • Location: Munfordville, KY
  • Project Name: Hart County High School
  • Owner/Client: Hart County Board of Education
  • Terrazzo Contractor: Rosa Mosaic & Tile Co.
  • Tile Installation: Martina Brothers Co, Inc.
  • Architect: Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects
  • General Contractor: Alliance Corporation
  • Precast Supplier: Venosa Precast Terrazzo
  • Terrazzo Material Supplier: T&M Supply
  • Photography: Chris Phebus

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