Adventist Cancer Institute, Hinsdale, IL

When patients and visitors glance at the new terrazzo floor in the Adventist Cancer Institute in Hinsdale, Illinois, they may only notice the rich blue and green hues. But there’s much more to it than a striking design.

Earl Swensson Associates created the first floor’s colorful compass and ribbons for a practical purpose.

“The colors of the ribbons correspond with the colors of the points on the compass, which represent peace, hope, faith and love,” said Abby Weilmuenster, senior interior designer at ESa. “And while they’re decorative, they’re also way-finding (guides) for visitors and patients.”

Weilmuenster said the overall design was inspired by the Institute’s mission statement, which mentions a “compass of meaning” and “ribbons of hope.”

In turn, the ribbons flowing from the main lobby serve as guides for patients coming to the center for treatment. Terrazzo was installed in the first floor lobby and the precast treads on the monumental stairs.

“The classic, elegant look (is) something easy to maintain throughout the years,” Weilmuenster said. “It also provided a great opportunity for incorporating some of that branding into the building architecture by being able to incorporate the compass and ribbons.”

Poured in place terrazzo flooring on the first floor and precast terrazzo stair treads on the staircase were both appropriate because of durability and low maintenance.

Project details

  • Location: Hinsdale, IL
  • Project Name: AMITA Health Cancer Institute & Outpatient Center
  • Owner/Client: AMITA Health Cancer Institute & Outpatient Center
  • Terrazzo Contractor: John Caretti & Co.
  • Architect: Earl Swensson Associates, Inc.
  • General Contractor: Bulley & Andrews LLC
  • Terrazzo Material Supplier: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Co.
  • Divider Strip Supplier: Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Co.
  • Precast Supplier: Wausau Tile
  • Photography: Viken Djaferian, FotoGrafix

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