Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL

Terrazzo brings together design and practicality, form and function, classic and modern. On a healthcare campus like Northwestern Memorial Hospital, it ties together the existing and the new, telling a story from one building to the next—leading patients along their road back to health.

When Northwestern Memorial Hospital decided to build a 26-story outpatient care pavilion in its downtown Chicago campus, one word came to mind—connections. It was necessary to create a public space that would bridge existing campus buildings together with a flowing pattern to guide people through the space. To accomplish this design, it was clear that the first and second floors needed to be terrazzo.

A curving form combined with bars and bands in subtle shades of white, tan, and gray were used to help with way-finding in the building. The linear and curved aspects of the flooring helped to create a sense of flow when combined with a curved structural piece, said Kimberly Cook, associate vice president at CannonDesign.

Project details

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Project Name: Northwestern Memorial Hospital Outpatient Surgery Ctr.
  • Owner/Client: Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Terrazzo Contractor: Menconi Terrazzo
  • Architect: CannonDesign
  • General Contractor: Lend Lease Construction Inc.
  • Terrazzo Material Supplier: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies
  • Divider Strips Supplier: Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company
  • Photography: Viken Djaferian, FotoGrafix

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