Over an Arkansas Sky Captivates Visitors to the Clinton Airport

Over an Arkansas Sky Captivates Visitors to the Clinton Airport

If you’re planning a visit to the Clinton Airport in Arkansas, you’re in for a treat. The airport recently underwent renovations and now sports one of the most beautiful terrazzo floors around. Underneath travelers’ feet as they scurry through the pre-security lobby is a work of art titled Over an Arkansas Sky.

The project is the first installment in the airport’s new “Art in the Airport” program and features the work of Arkansas artist Tiffany Black. Black competed in a nationwide contest to earn the honor of showcasing her artistic ability at Clinton Airport. When commenting on the project, she said: “I created the design for this floor to celebrate Arkansas – to celebrate the natural state.”

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When designing the work of art, the artist relied on photographs, ideas, and advice from environmentalists native to Arkansas, as well as scientists, to hash out her creation. The floor depicts 12 different types of plants, one type of bird, and a whopping 16 types of insects. To create the eye-catching mural, Black incorporated exaggerated colors that serve to elevate the markings on the insects. 


In addition to the insects, birds, and plants, Over an Arkansas Sky depicts a vast landscape scene that represents the state’s many ecosystems and regions. For example, travelers can follow a mosaic of the Arkansas River or follow a trail of butterflies across the lobby. Rooted in the central circle is a plant that allows travelers and airport staff alike to revel in a visual representation of the state’s natural beauty and wonder.

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The artist’s vision was brought to life in the terrazzo floor by using about 50 different mixes of stone aggregate. Some of those aggregates included recycled glass and mother of pearl that elevated the visual texture of the piece. Missouri Terrazzo, the contractor that installed the terrazzo, also used metal spacers that served as outlines for the different aggregate colors that were then poured into the compartments. 

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