Long-Lasting Terrazzo Saves Taxpayer Dollars

Long-Lasting Terrazzo Saves Taxpayer Dollars

When deciding on a floor for government and public education projects, designers and architects might feel like they have to compromise cost for beauty and durability. But with terrazzo’s remarkable longevity, they don’t have to.

Terrazzo can be used to construct designs that can last decades without replacement and with minimal maintenance. This saves money year after year.

Less expensive flooring may not only fail to impress but also generally ends up with high long-term costs. Low-cost flooring requires increased maintenance, repairs, and replacement. When taking these hidden costs into account, long-lasting terrazzo is the lowest-cost flooring option.

The terrazzo installation at St. Johns High School, constructed almost 50 years ago, is a prime example of how terrazzo flooring can withstand decades of heavy traffic with minimal maintenance. With the investment in terrazzo, St. Johns has had five decades of tax dollar savings so far.

At St. Johns High School, in St. Johns, Michigan, the original sand-cushion terrazzo floors have remained as rich in color and crack-free as when they were first designed by Guido A. Binda and Associates in 1969.

“Terrazzo is timeless,” said John Clark, owner of Clark Construction, the contractor on the project. “Thousands of students have enjoyed these floors for decades, and they’ll continue to do so for decades to come.”