Know Your Aggregates

Know Your Aggregates

Know Your Aggregates

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The aggregate used for your terrazzo floor makes a big difference in its final look. With a wide variety of options, knowing the facts about each is important in making the right choice.


Marble Chips

Offering a clean appearance, the marble chip look has long been a mainstay choice for flooring. The marble chips offer perhaps the most distinct “Terrazzo look” of any aggregate choices, and are featured in schoolhouses, businesses, and other public properties all over the country.



Crushed glass is a major new trend in terrazzo flooring. Almost always made from recycled materials, it offers striking looks in a wide variety of colors. Its shine and sparkle can add a decorative touch as an accent on floors in low traffic areas.


Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl adds an iridescent effect in white, yellow or gold to any floor at one of the most affordable rates. For everything from high-end residential to commercial airports, it’s long been one of the most popular shell chips in the terrazzo market.