Terrazzo transforms educational spaces. Beyond providing long-lasting durability that’s up to the challenges of heavy foot traffic, terrazzo has unmatched potential for creative design that inspires the mind. Intricate terrazzo design can offer more than just flooring: it can set educational spaces apart, making these spaces a signature part of the community.

Terrazzo is timeless. Thousands of students have enjoyed these floors for decades, and they’ll continue to do so for decades to come.

John Clark

Above the logo, the words ‘academic excellence’ are surrounded by yellow stars. That’s to remind the students to reach for the stars within their academic and personal lives.

Kevin Rickman

They’ve created an energetic learning environment. Colors tend to make our brains active and they instill in us various reactions. They were able to use these colors to create a very active learning space. It’s a wonderfully exciting, bright, and active space.

Anna Tatman

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