Four Tips to Maintain a New Terrazzo Floor

Four Tips to Maintain a New Terrazzo Floor

A terrazzo floor offers long-term durability and easier maintenance than any other flooring solution – but easier maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Doing the right things to care for your new terrazzo floor will not only help ensure it lasts for decades to come, but will work to bring out and maintain its shine and beauty.

Keeping it Clean

As with any floor, keeping your new terrazzo floor clean is critical to maintaining it for the long term. But knowing the best way to clean is important – harsh cleaners can damage a terrazzo floor. Only pH-neutral cleaners (factor of 7.0) should be used. And for your first few months with newly-installed terrazzo, machine scrubbing is a best practice that will remove any construction dust or debris still lodged in the floor.

A walk-off mat can also be a big help at the entrance to your facility; well-maintained mats can capture up to 70% of dirt that enters a building, and there’s no better cleaning solution for your terrazzo floor than not letting it accumulate dirt in the first place.

Sealing Your Floor

A sealant can be applied 12 hours after installation and is one of the best steps you can take to maintain the look of a terrazzo floor. Modern “densifier” seals only have to be applied once, and bond with the surface of the terrazzo in such a way as to make it impermeable.

Picking the appropriate sealant for your floor is a matter of matching your needs – whether it’s looking for that high gloss finish or offering maximum protection against stains.

Things to Avoid

In addition to avoiding harsh cleaners, it’s important never to let cleaning solution dry on your new terrazzo floor; doing so can damage your seal and cause serious issues!

When sealing your floor, make sure you check for slip resistance ratings – some sealers can make for a dangerously slippery surface.

Shine Over Time

It’s important to remember that there’s a significant difference between a new floor and one that’s had time to age. Terrazzo, like fine wine, gets better with age; with natural curing and the passage of time, the luster and beauty terrazzo is known for will increasingly shine through.

Curing time varies based on temperature, humidity and ground water conditions, but with each passing day, as moisture is naturally cured away, the aesthetics of your terrazzo floor will only increase.


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