Elegant Environmental Design

Elegant Environmental Design

Using terrazzo flooring can add the finishing touch to a creative and modern design. Vibrant patterns and artful compositions can add to the visual appeal of a space. Not only can terrazzo be used to bring colorful and complex designs to life, it can be used to meet green building standards.

Because terrazzo uses recycled materials, and often can be sourced locally, it works well for projects that need LEED-certified green building design and construction practices.

Kinowerks Ravenswood is a remarkable combination of a highly creative space that embodies both a unique design and durable, sustainable construction. By using terrazzo, the architects on the job could not only create a design as unique as the rest of the building, but meet the demanding LEED certification criteria.

With locally sourced materials that came from within a 500 mile radius, recycled glass, and remarkable durability, terrazzo helped seal the deal on the LEED Gold certification.

Architect Bill Ketcham, a LEED Accredited Professional, says it best: “Ravenswood Kinowerks is a highly sustainable design that embodies an extraordinary attention to detail within a work environment that is at once technologically advanced, intensely focused, efficient, beautiful and deliberately relaxed.”