Dos and Don'ts for Terrazzo Floors

Dos and Don'ts for Terrazzo Floors


Your new terrazzo floor has been poured, ground, polished, and sealed. Though the sealer will protect the terrazzo from immediate stains, it isn’t smart to let spills soak and dry into the floor.

So what should you do?

Simple! Follow this list of terrazzo dos and don’ts to keep your flooring looking as new as the day its installation process was finished.


  • Ask your terrazzo contractor to recommend the proper neutral cleaner and sealer to be used on your floor.
  • Dust mop your floors daily. This not only picks up unsightly dust, but also the dirt and grime that is tracked through your building each day. This grit acts as an abrasive on your terrazzo flooring, possibly scratching the sealer.
  • Wash newly installed terrazzo floors at least twice a week for two to three months. Construction dust will remain in the air for much of this time and will be deposited on your flooring. Once the dust as settled, scrub your floors at least once a week, depending on foot traffic. Always rinse the terrazzo well to prevent any build-up of cleaner residue that could cause the floor to become slippery.
  • Use maintenance products designed for terrazzo.
  • Allow your neutral cleaner time to react when you apply it. It is designed to loosen dirt and grit on your floors. Give it time to do its job, but don’t let the cleaner dry on the terrazzo.
  • In the event of a heavy mess or severe scuffing, it’s time to break out a mechanical buffing machine – but make sure to stick to a neutral cleaner.


  • Use purely surface waxes or all-purpose sealers. This can cause slippery terrazzo floors.
  • Use all-purpose cleaners that contain water soluble inorganic or crystallizing salts, harmful alkali, or acids. These products can be harmful to the terrazzo.
  • Use cheap cleaners or sealers, especially since the majority of your cleaning and maintenance costs stem from labor.
  • Try miracle cleaners or sealers on your floor without first consulting a terrazzo contractor. Give one of our members a call and they will provide you with even more terrazzo cleaning and care know-how.
  • Continue to monitor your terrazzo floor for signs of wear – semi-annually, the time may come when it needs resealed.

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