Dispelling Terrazzo Myths

Dispelling Terrazzo Myths

As architects and designers move towards more sustainable, green design, terrazzo myths are increasingly being dispelled. We are here to highlight a few of the rumors and misconceptions, and show you the truth behind terrazzo.

Terrazzo is old-fashioned.

Though terrazzo dates back to the 15th century, it is far from old-fashioned. Pants are older than that and we don’t think they are outdated do we? Think of terrazzo as the jeans of flooring. It never goes out of style. Just take a look at what these two designers exhibited in Milan this year showcasing terrazzo versatility in some strikingly modern styles.

Using green and sustainable products costs more.

Sustainable products like terrazzo actually dramatically reduce long-term costs. Terrazzo won’t fray, snag or wear like other types of floors. It lasts for decades with minimal upkeep, and looks just like it did the day it was installed.

Natural polished terrazzo floors will stain without a protective coating.

The natural polishing process closes the pores of the terrazzo, reducing the chance of spilled liquids being absorbed. So don’t fret! If you spill coffee or red wine on terrazzo, it can easily be wiped away, leaving absolutely no stains or marks behind.

Terrazzo is plain.

This myth is one of the most commonly believed, and while many institutions have chosen to keep a monochrome floor, designers and architects have recently been embracing terrazzo for it’s remarkable flexibility. Because of color possibilities and unlimited design capabilities, terrazzo floors can be as bright, complex, bold, and beautiful as you would like. They can include anything from marble pieces to sea shells to glass. The possibilities are only limited by your own design imagination.

Terrazzo is only for schools and hospitals.

While terrazzo is a popular floor for education and healthcare, it isn’t limited to just those two types of facilities. Thinking about putting terrazzo in your airport? Go ahead! Have a unique design for your museum flooring? Terrazzo will let you accomplish that. Want terrazzo in your restaurant to keep stains and maintenance to a minimum? Install it. Hop on over to our industry uses to have a look at some of the ways terrazzo is being used today.