Best of NCTA 2018

Time-tested terrazzo techniques show breadth, beauty, and versatility.

Best of NCTA 2018

Breadth, Beauty, Versatility

Each year, the North Central Terrazzo Association gathers to discuss advances in technology, to refine industry techniques, and to build camaraderie across our association. We seek to make time-tested terrazzo techniques even better.

We also look back at the projects completed by our association members that show the breadth, beauty, and versatility of terrazzo flooring. Many of these projects are award-winning designs and installations, and they include hospitals, colleges, research centers, sports arenas, transportation hubs, and churches.

Join us as we celebrate some of the finest projects the contractors of the North Central Terrazzo Association have created.

Terrazzo Adds a Tasteful Touch to New Ohio Facility

Mane Inc. terrazzo
MANE Inc., a France-based corporation specializing in flavors, fragrances, and ingredients, recently constructed a brand-new manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Ohio. MANE wanted floors that were stylish, sterile, and sustainable. Those preferences narrowed it down to one choice: terrazzo.

For the new construction project, Hixson handled the design of the terrazzo flooring in the lobby, cafeteria, conference room, and the second floor, where the research labs are located. Plumes of rich greens and blues represent the fragrances and scents that MANE develops, and fine circles scattered throughout the floors represent the flavorings MANE creates.

The terrazzo contractors at F&M worked with Hixson to finalize the design templates before the terrazzo was poured. The different terrazzo aggregates were poured “wet-on-wet,” or one after the other, to control the blending and shaping of the terrazzo on the spot. This method is challenging, because the epoxy has a short cure time, meaning that there’s a tight window to shape the terrazzo before it hardens.While it’s typical for terrazzo mixtures to contain mostly marble and stone chips, the MANE terrazzo floors hold roughly 70 percent recycled mirror and glass. This design decision lends the floors a feeling of effervescence, especially in the way the glass plays with the customized, water-jet-cut metal circles that populate the floors.

The terrazzo floors in MANE’s new manufacturing facility provide visitors and employees with a stunning introduction to the company’s culture, mission, and products. The vibrant colors, dazzling textures, and playful shapes align with the company’s brand identity and business; the smooth, durable surfaces are easy to keep clean for product quality control; and the recycled materials within the terrazzo composite demonstrate MANE’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
PROJECT: R & D Facility (Lebanon, OH)
TERRAZZO CONTRACTOR: F&M Tile & Terrazzo Co., Inc. (Fort Wayne, IN)
ARCHITECT & DESIGNER: Hixson Architecture & Eng. (Cincinnati, OH)
DIVIDER STRIPS: National Metal Shapes, Inc. (Delaware, OH)
CHIPS & EPOXY MATRICES: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies (Wheeling, IL)
PRECAST BASE: Precast Terrazzo Enterprises, Inc. (Raleigh, NC)

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