Best of NCTA 2018

Time-tested terrazzo techniques show breadth, beauty, and versatility.

Best of NCTA 2018

Breadth, Beauty, Versatility

Each year, the North Central Terrazzo Association gathers to discuss advances in technology, to refine industry techniques, and to build camaraderie across our association. We seek to make time-tested terrazzo techniques even better.

We also look back at the projects completed by our association members that show the breadth, beauty, and versatility of terrazzo flooring. Many of these projects are award-winning designs and installations, and they include hospitals, colleges, research centers, sports arenas, transportation hubs, and churches.

Join us as we celebrate some of the finest projects the contractors of the North Central Terrazzo Association have created.

Terrazzo: Unique Design in Blended Space

Terrazzo: Unique Design in Blended Space

Cafaro Chooses Terrazzo for Unique Design in Blended Space

Cafaro Company Headquarters, Niles, OH

When the Cafaro Company was designing the new corporate headquarters, they turned to terrazzo to deliver a stunning, yet functional, design. The project changed the face, and the very core, of the existing building. The architect and designers at Phillips|Sekanick Architects, Inc. transformed an underutilized section of the three-story Eastwood Mall Complex into Eastwood Office Centre, an open and inviting 50,000 square foot office space for more than 200 employees. The team worked with Youngstown Tile & Terrazzo to cover the general flooring and staircases.

In this blended space, the flooring is the connector between the office building, mall, and banquet space/conference center. Bruce Sekanick, Principal Architect, recognized that the flooring selected needed to “be durable, look nice over time, be long-lasting, and provide a flexibility of design.” They needed a material that would give the space the sense of permanence and durability that Carfaro is known for. Terrazzo was the clear choice.

The team created a design that fit with the existing retail space and hotel, and flowed seamlessly throughout. They chose natural colors and a fluid design to blend the spaces and provide a timeless pattern that could match the longevity of the terrazzo itself.

“Terrazzo’s diverse color palette and flexible design allowed us to control the color and movement in the floor,” explains Heidi DeMark, IIDA, the interior designer for the project. “The inspiration was to use warm and cool colors to convey the ripple effect and movement showing the Carafo’s reaching effect on the community with this lifestyle center.”

Terrazzo: Unique Design in Blended Space

This design clearly shows the alive, dynamic, evolution that is Cafaro.

Terrazzo helped the architect and designers accomplish their vision, complementing the soft natural lighting, creating a warm and inviting main space, and providing a floor that was just as inspiring from the ground level as it was from the connecting bridge above.

Terrazzo’s versatility makes for a design that supports use for any need, as an inspiring and stunning entry or a social area for banquets. It has the flexibility for any event or purpose. Even the annual Christmas tree fits in nicely, showcased in the center of the entryway each December.

The ability for terrazzo to so vibrantly convey the messaging with the movement of design exceeded expectations. People come in from all over the country, and they walk into this visually stunning space that leaves an impression. Terrazzo completes this grand entry to provide a unique experience.

Terrazzo: Unique Design in Blended Space

PROJECT NAME: Cafaro Company Headquarters
OWNER/CLIENT: Cafaro Company (Niles, OH)
TERRAZZO CONTRACTOR: Youngstown Tile & Terrazzo (Canfield, OH)
ARCHITECT: Bruce Sekanick (AIA, OAA), Phillips|Sekanick Architects, Inc. (Warren, Ohio)
INTERIOR DESIGNER: Heidi DeMark (IIDA), Phillips|Sekanick Architects, Inc. (Warren, Ohio)
BIM MODEL MANAGER: Stephane Gula (Assoc. AIA), Phillips|Sekanick Architects, Inc. (Warren, Ohio)
TERRAZZO MATERIAL SUPPLIER: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Co. (Wheeling, IL)
DIVIDER STRIP SUPPLIER: Manhattan American (Staley, NC)
PRECAST TREADS: Wausau Tile (Rothschild, WI)
PHOTOGRAPHY: The Builders Association

Flooring Designs: You may be walking on a piece of art

Jennifer Harbster of the Library of Congress Science, Technology and Business division, believes that we rarely take the time to notice and enjoy the artistic details that go into the flooring design of a building.

Sadly, she is right.

But thankfully, she recognizes that if we just take a second to take quick look under our feet, we might notice that we are walking on a piece of art.

“Every day we walk on some sort of flooring, be it hardwood, linoleum, carpet, marble, or tiles, and if we look at what is under our feet, we might notice something very special,” she said in her post Terrazzo: Beauty Under our Feet.

Harbster specifically points out the beauty of terrazzo, our favorite sustainable and durable flooring option, in the John Adams Building in Washington, D.C.


The work in the John Adams Building was done by the National Mosaic Company of Washington, D.C., which was founded by Italian immigrants in 1896. According to Harbster, by 1906, National Mosaic Company has installed terrazzo and other mosaic or tile decorations in many other buildings in D.C. like the Washington Monument, U.S. Capitol, the Smithsonian museums, the Sherman Monument and the Evening Star Building.

Unfortunately, National Mosaic Company closed in 1942 because of a shortage of materials. But thanks to the longevity, durability, and ease of upkeep of terrazzo, the artwork done by those terrazzo installers can still be seen today!

Terrazzo Artistry in Cleveland Airport

Cleveland airport terrazzo

What better place to showcase the work of local Cleveland artists than a place where more than 11 million people visit every year? And what better material to bring those artistic visions to life than terrazzo?

The city of Cleveland has done just that. Through the CLE Terrazzo Art Project, it has transformed the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) into a local art gallery. While some exhibitions come and go, the Terrazzo Art Project is a permanent installation. The rich colors of the designs will be a proud reminder of Cleveland’s beauty for decades.

The Terrazzo Art Project’s theme is “Cleveland – A Green City on a Blue Lake (Past, Present & Future).”

Cleveland’s own O.A. Bertin Co. was the contractor on the job, overseeing the terrazzo installations in seven separate locations throughout the terminal and concourses at CLE.Claire Sullivan Gerdes is a Cleveland artist and designer who runs her own design studio, Claire Sullivan Design. Her design, “Hooked on Cleveland” (pictured), was one of the seven designs selected for the CLE Terrazzo Project. Claire’s use of diverse shapes, naturalistic images, and symbolic icons—all framed by a flowing border—serves to highlight Cleveland’s world-renowned institutions, abundant natural resources, and the down-to-earth charm of the “Forest City.”

LOCATION: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
PROJECT THEME: Cleveland – A Green City on a Blue Lake (past, present & future)
DESIGNERS: Betsy Nims Friedman, Mark Rook, Maria Cuadra, Eaon March, Chae Simpson, Claire Sullivan, Sean Michael, Tom Koskey, Eva Kwong
ARCHITECT: Westlake Reed Leskosky
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Kokosing Construction Company
DIVIDER STRIPS: National Metal Shapes
EPOXY SUPPLIER: Terrazzo Marble & Supply Companies
CHIPS SUPPLIERS: Terrazzo Marble & Supply Companies and Continental Terrazzo Supply

To view more terrazzo samples, visit the NCTA’s Design Gallery, or view the Terrazzo Color Palette.

You can learn more about the NCTA here.

A Terrazzo Tribute to the Hoosier State

JW Marriott Terrazzo

The Marriott Place Indianapolis, a collection of five new-construction Marriott hotels connected to the Indiana Convention Center, features a beautiful new arts garden just outside of the hotels. A tribute to the state of Indiana, the Art Plaza was designed by artist Jeff Laramore. Co-founder of Indianapolis-based 2nd Globe Studios, Laramore created a 36-foot-tall sculpture of a cardinal, the state bird, and a 60-foot-long waterwall depicting flourishing peonies, the state flower.

JW Marriott Terrazzo Wall JW Marriott terrazzo flower

For the waterwall, Santarossa Mosaic & Tile installed nearly 300 square feet of colorful precast Palladiana terrazzo to bring Laramore’s design to life. Santarossa water-jet cut the peony leaves, blossoms, and flowers from white Venatino marble and granite before fixing them in a black terrazzo matrix. The wall’s mosaic finish and bold splashes of color can now be seen refracting through ever-flowing water in downtown Indianapolis.

CLIENT: JW Marriott Indianapolis
PROJECT: Art Plaza Waterwall
TERRAZZO CONTRACTOR: Santarossa Mosaic & Tile Co., Inc.
DESIGNER: Jeff Laramore
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Claire Bennett Associates
STONE AND CHIPS: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

To view more terrazzo samples, visit the NCTA’s Design Gallery, or view the Terrazzo Color Palette. You can learn more about the NCTA here.