Terrazzo: The Geometry in Our Floors

Terrazzo: The Geometry in Our Floors

The Geometry in Our Floors

Geometry and shapes are all around us. Terrazzo provides the opportunity to mirror these shapes on the floor beneath our feet. By using lines and curves, a floor can guide us, inspire us, or pique our imagination. Take a look at “The Geometry in our Floors” as we showcase some of the possibilities of lines and curves.

Terrazzo: The Colors of Possibility

Devos Children's Hospital terrazzo colors

The Colors of Possibility

Terrazzo offers nearly limitless design possibilities. By customizing colors and aggregate combinations, spaces become one-of-a-kind. Whether you are looking for intricate multi-color designs, or seamless one-color designs, terrazzo offers it all. Take a look at “The Colors of Possibility” as we showcase all the colors of the rainbow.

Best of NCTA 2018

Time-tested terrazzo techniques show breadth, beauty, and versatility.

Best of NCTA 2018

Breadth, Beauty, Versatility

Each year, the North Central Terrazzo Association gathers to discuss advances in technology, to refine industry techniques, and to build camaraderie across our association. We seek to make time-tested terrazzo techniques even better.

We also look back at the projects completed by our association members that show the breadth, beauty, and versatility of terrazzo flooring. Many of these projects are award-winning designs and installations, and they include hospitals, colleges, research centers, sports arenas, transportation hubs, and churches.

Join us as we celebrate some of the finest projects the contractors of the North Central Terrazzo Association have created.

Terrazzo Takes Flight

Gerald R. Ford International Airport terrazzo floor design at the security checkpoint from NCTA

Terrazzo Takes Flight

Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Grand Rapids, MI

A flowing terrazzo design laid the groundwork for the $45 million Gateway Transformation Project. The architects used the powerful terrazzo design, combined with lighting, to streamline the space and direct passengers through design.

The design radiates from the new consolidated security checkpoint sweeping down the corridors through the retail spaces to the departure gates. The terrazzo pattern ties together amenities, play areas, and exhibits creating a comfortable space to await your next flight. The cool color palette and ambient lighting brings calmness to this bustling transportation hub.

Not only does the pattern complement the overall project design, its durability and longevity made terrazzo a natural choice to meet demands of the high-traffic space. The flooring will maintain its radiance and integrity over time, even with heavy usage. Passengers can rush to their gates, Skycap services can ride through the halls, and airline crew can smoothly wheel their luggage to their next flight seamlessly without impact to this beautiful design.

After another record-breaking year for passenger numbers at Gerald R. Ford International airport, terrazzo strength is critical.

Click to view larger.

PROJECT NAME: Gerald R. Ford International Airport – Consolidated Checkpoint and Marketplace
OWNER/CLIENT: Gerald R. Ford International Airport
TERRAZZO CONTRACTOR: Central Tile & Terrazzo Co., Inc.
ARCHITECT: Alliiance (Minneapolis, MN)
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: The Christman Company (Grand Rapids, MI)
EPOXY SUPPLIER: Sherwin Williams
TEMPLATE/STENCILS: Creative Edge Master Shop
PHOTOGRAPHY: Viken Djaferian, FotoGrafix

Gerald R. Ford International Airport terrazzo floor design from NCTA

Planes, Trains, and Terrazzo

terrazzo floor

Planes, Trains, and Terrazzo


Where there’s travel, there’s great terrazzo!

With its easy clean up and time-tested durability, terrazzo is the perfect material for airports and train stations. The wide color selection and material flexibility of terrazzo give designers the freedom to craft the best designs to welcome passengers as they board and exit. Not to mention that the smoothness of gleaming, polished terrazzo floors makes pulling luggage a whole lot easier.

From the rich, multi-colored nature designs at the Cleveland airport to the iconic storytelling designs of the Uptown train station in Normal, Illinois, to the vibrant, colorful flooring at the Lambert-St. Louis international airport, we’ve rounded-up some of the most captivating terrazzo travel creations that the Midwest has to offer. We hope our video will spark ideas for your next airport or train station design. We wish you happy holiday season!

Terrazzo Provides Pathways to Creative, Timeless Design

terrazzo floor

Terrazzo Provides Pathways to Creative, Timeless Design


A corridor isn’t merely a space. It’s a path between where you’re coming from and where you’re going.

For this NCTA terrazzo blog, we highlighted some of our best hallway and corridor designs to illustrate some well-designed possibilities. As you’ll see in the video, these designers and architects used color-rich terrazzo to turn the foundations of schools, hospitals and other structures into works of art beneath our feet.

“(Terrazzo) certainly offers you more freedom in terms of design options,” said Martin Wolf, SCB’s design lead on the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital. Martin pointed out that terrazzo can take numerous forms, including organic, flowing shapes.

Be inspired and take a look at the video :

NTMA Honor Awards: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

With more than 11 million visitors a year, the Cleveland Hopkins
International Airport serves as the first and last impression of the city to
many. To establish Cleveland as the artistic and culturally diverse
metropolitan that it is, the CLE Art Program was created.

The project transformed the airport into a local art gallery. Like most
galleries, some exhibits will come and go, but one will remain—the
Terrazzo Art Project. With a theme of “Cleveland—A Green City on a
Blue Lake (Past, Present & Future),” the flooring features artwork by
seven Northeast Ohio artists, including a group of local high schoolers
and a TSA officer.

During the renovation, more than 100,000 square feet of black carpet
was replaced with epoxy terrazzo. The retail space and concourse
include the locally designed artwork.

Cleveland Hopkins

“The artwork references the color and light patterns from Cleveland in a
very abstract fashion,” said Todd Mayher, project manager with Westlake
Reed Leskosky.

Cleveland Hopkins International was so thrilled with the results of the
renovation that it has chosen to move forward with more renovation,
adding terrazzo flooring in the remaining areas of the airport.

“It’s a hard surface for rolling luggage. It’s easy to clean,” Mayher said.
“It’s a timeless material. It will last a long time and won’t show its age.”

PROJECT NAME: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (Cleveland, OH)
CLIENT: Cleveland Port Authority
TERRAZZO CONTRACTOR: O.A. Bertin Company (Cleveland, OH)
ARCHITECT: Westlake Reed Leskosky (Cleveland, OH)
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Kokosing Construction Company (Fredericktown,OH)
TERRAZZO MATERIAL SUPPLIERS: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies (Wheeling, IL)
DIVIDER STRIP SUPPLIER: National Metal Shapes (Delaware, OH)
PHOTOGRAPHY: Anita Bertin DeGreen

NTMA 2014 Honor Awards

Each year, the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association (NTMA) celebrates the most interesting, creative, beautiful, and appealing terrazzo floors completed by NTMA contractors with its annual NTMA Honor Awards.

The awards honor the best terrazzo floors from the last year. Projects are judged on the basis of:

  • excellence in craftsmanship
  • intricacy of design
  • scope of work
  • originality of ideas
  • artistic and faithful reproduction of architects’ or designers’ drawings
  • quality of construction materials

Five experts and experience designers score the projects based on photos and a description of the job, but the project’s name, location, contractor, and all other parties involved with the construction are kept secret. Once the scores are tallied, the winners are announced, and the highest score receives the honor of “Job of the Year.”

This year, three NCTA members received Honor Awards for their work.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 
Detroit, MI
Artisan Tile


Originally built like a fortress in 1927, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Detroit branch building was given new purpose as a retail and office space, with flooring that will make you stop on a dime.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Cleveland, OH
O.A. Bertin

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport’s walls and floors have become a permanent art gallery, as part
of Cleveland’s overall initiative to showcase its rich artistic and cultural diversity.

Crisler Center
Ann Arbor, MI
Michielutti Bros.

Crisler Center

To rise to the glory of “The Victors,” the University of Michigan’s Crisler Center was in need of a renewal, complete with banners flying with the floors – leading “The champions of the West” to victory.

Detailed posts about each project will be posted throughout the weekend, so make sure to check back!

Terrazzo Provides a Bright Welcome That Will Never Fade

Lambert Airport
Linking America’s heartland to international crossroads, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport serves as a hub for the blending of the many different curiosities, cultures, traditions, and future possibilities of more than 12 million travelers a year. During a recent remodel, one objective was to create a brighter environment for these millions of travelers. Taking a creative approach to the update, a design competition was held for artists to submit drawings—reflecting the many different cultures that touch down in St. Louis—for the airport’s terrazzo flooring.

Artist Alicia LaChance’s “New Village,” a lively 41-color design, was chosen, and fully embraces the flexibility of the medium.

“The logo describes her interpretation of the world—all the different countries of the world that could possibly come through Lambert Airport,” said Kevin Rickman of Missouri Terrazzo, the terrazzo contractor for the renovation.

The 19,000 square feet of newly installed epoxy terrazzo is located at the security entrance to concourses C and D. As the vast majority of the floor is an off-white epoxy with a marble, glass, and mother of pearl chip design, LaChance’s bright, 400-square-foot inlay design stands out dramatically. The logo lies at the entrance to the two concourses, greeting all arriving passengers to St. Louis.

For this vivid logo design, the new terrazzo flooring was installed on top of the already existing terrazzo. Rickman said this process doesn’t differ much from a fresh terrazzo installation, as it still includes prepping the existing surface and putting in divider strips.

Working with Missouri Terrazzo, LaChance directed and selected each epoxy color for the logo, using glass, plastic, and mother of pearl chips. A color drawing with numbers that corresponded to the epoxy and aggregate colors sample sheet was then created to keep the brilliancy of the design organized. Installers poured as many of the 41 colors as they could in a day. As each individual epoxy was mixed and poured by hand, divider strips were continuously cleaned to ensure colors would not run during the next day’s pouring. Rickman said the logo is something wonderful for travelers to look at and appreciate, as a large amount of creativity and work went into the design and creation of “New Village.”

“To see that many different colors in one area, it just catches the eye,” he said. “And it won’t wear out.”

Color flexibility and sustainability make terrazzo the ideal flooring for high foot-traffic areas like Lambert-St.
Louis International Airport.

“Terrazzo won’t normally wear out. You can put one floor in and it can last up to 80 to 100 years,” Rickman said. “Terrazzo is just a great product.”

The Airport Authority at Lambert agrees, as it contracted Missouri Terrazzo to continue with an additional 50,000-square-foot terrazzo remodel at the ticketing level.

PROJECT: Lambert-St. Louis International Airport-Terminal 1 Renovation (St. Louis, MO)
CLIENT: City of St. Louis
TERRAZZO CONTRACTOR: Missouri Terrazzo Co Inc (St. Louis, MO)
ARCHITECT: Teng & Associates Inc (St. Louis, MO)
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: K & S Associates General Contractors (St. Louis, MO)
DIVIDER STRIP SUPPLIER: Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Co. (Staley, NC)
PHOTOGRAPHY: Richard Sprengler
ARTIST: Alicia LaChance
RESIN: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies (Wheeling, IL)
CHIPS: Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies (Wheeling, IL) and Heritage Glass, Inc (Smithfield, UT)