Justin Gantz

Justin Gantz

Project Architect | SōL Harris/Day Architecture


Project Architect
SōL Harris/Day Architecture

Justin Gantz is a dedicated architect with a passion for design and a deep appreciation for the artistry of his craft. He has honed his skills and expertise over nearly a decade with SōL Harris/Day Architecture of North Canton, Ohio.

One of the standout aspects of Justin’s work is his appreciation for terrazzo. When asked about the material, he said, “There’s not another material like it.” Terrazzo’s unique blend of durability and timeless elegance has made it a standout choice for architects like Justin.

Terrazzo’s versatility is particularly evident in large-scale projects, and Justin had the opportunity to showcase this when working on the Akron-Canton airport project. For him, terrazzo is a limitless canvas for design and creativity. Its adaptability allows architects to push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

What sets Justin apart is his knack for crafting custom designs that leverage terrazzo’s potential to the fullest. He understands that terrazzo’s flexibility allows for the incorporation of various color palettes and intricate features, making it an ideal choice for creating truly unique and eye-catching architectural elements.

In his pursuit of architectural excellence, Justin Gantz continues to draw inspiration from terrazzo’s timeless allure. His commitment to innovative design and his dedication to projects like the Akron-Canton Airport project exemplify his passion for stretching the limits of what can be achieved through architectural creativity. Justin’s work serves as a testament to the enduring beauty and versatility of terrazzo in the world of architecture.


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