John Fabelo

John Fabelo

President | Director of Design at LWC Architects


President and Director of Design
LWC Architects

Architecture is not simply structural in the lives of the people who make use of it – it can tell the story of a place and of the people who’ve walked those floors before you. It should, at its best, make a unique statement that enhances the whole community.

John Fabelo, President and Director of Design at LWC Architects in Dayton, Ohio, got his start in architecture more than thirty years ago, and at LWC alone has earned three AIA Ohio Design Awards during his tenure there.

History is key for John when it comes to approaching an award-winning design, and terrazzo is an important piece of the puzzle for making something simultaneously functional and artistic out of something many might see as sterile – and that’s a rare combination when it comes to flooring materials.

“From an artistic perspective, terrazzo allows a lot of flexibility in creating forms and shapes, keeping them simple without other joints that don’t need to be there,” John said.

That versatility of design that’s core to terrazzo is critical for architects looking to do more than simply cover a floor – the shapes and the intricacy offer an incredible range of colors and patterns that nothing else can match.

The benefits aren’t only artistic, either, to John; unlike many other modern flooring solutions, terrazzo’s built to last.

“We want something that’s easy to maintain, and if we’re going to make this kind of investment in creating a piece of art for a floor, it needs to last fifty years, not need to be replaced in ten years,” John said. “It was the durability of terrazzo.”

That simple functionality, which comes together with the subtle, brilliant range terrazzo brings to the table, adds another layer to the full experience of a public space. It’s bold enough to tell a story, but simple enough to not overpower the whole experience.