Jeff Milliken

Jeff Milliken

Principal, Architecture | RATIO

Principal, Architecture

With a career spanning more than 25 years at RATIO, Jeff Milliken is a seasoned architect whose passion for the field shines through his work. For Jeff, “architecture is the perfect blend of art and science,” a combination that initially drew him to this profession.

RATIO, known for its expertise in design projects encompassing new constructions and renovations, has been the creative playground where Jeff has honed his craft. His dedication to the art of architecture is exemplified by his involvement in the Bottleworks Hotel renovation project. The goal of this renovation was to restore the hotel’s beauty and to highlight its timeless terrazzo floors for the new arts and entertainment district in Detroit, MI. This unique endeavor demanded a team of architects and contractors who shared a profound appreciation for the project’s specialized nature and, in particular, for the intricate beauty of terrazzo.

The overall design of the the Bottleworks Hotel was fashioned after the art deco trend that was popular at the time of the building’s construction, paying homage to Coca-Cola’s signature soda. This was most notable in the foyer where the grand staircase was constructed to look like a soda fountain. The intricate tile work on the ceiling was laid in swirly shapes to resemble fizz and bubbles.

When asked about his affinity for working with terrazzo, Jeff’s passion is palpable. He praised the virtues of terrazzo, describing it as both beautiful and functional, standing the test of time with its timeless appeal. With terrazzo, Jeff appreciates the creative freedom it offers, allowing him to customize designs by varying the colors and the amount of aggregate used, resulting in masterpieces that seamlessly blend art and architecture.

Jeff Milliken’s enduring dedication to his craft, coupled with his love for terrazzo, continues to enrich the world of architecture.



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