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Cupkovic Architecture LLC’s work on the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral renovation project showcased their ability to blend timeless design elements with functional considerations.


Cupkovic Architecture LLC is a renowned architectural firm known for its work on large mixed-use projects consisting of retail, office, institutional and residential spaces. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, smart growth and sustainable design, Cupkovic Architecture has successfully completed numerous projects, leaving a lasting impact on communities. One of their most notable recent works is the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral located in Parma, Ohio, specifically focused on installing a captivating and enduring terrazzo floor.

St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, Parma, OH

Situated at the corner of Ridgewood Drive and Broadview Road, the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral has been an integral part of the Parma, Ohio community since its establishment in 1961. In 2013, the cathedral underwent significant renovations to enhance its interior, including the addition of frescos and other artistic elements. However, the pastor felt that the space was still lacking a truly remarkable feature—an eye-catching floor.

With the aim of restoring the modern Byzantine revival architecture and fulfilling the pastor’s vision, the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral project focused on the installation of a timeless and durable terrazzo floor. Cupkovic Architecture LLC took on the task of designing and implementing a flooring solution that would not only complement the existing aesthetics but also serve as a captivating centerpiece within the cathedral.

The firm recognized the significance of selecting the right materials and craftsmanship to create an exquisite terrazzo floor. Terrazzo, a composite material consisting of chips of marble, quartz, granite, or glass set in a binder, offers unparalleled durability, longevity, and visual appeal. The firm meticulously studied the cathedral’s interior design and consulted with experts to ensure that the chosen terrazzo design would seamlessly integrate with the existing architectural elements.

Cupkovic Architecture LLC distinguishes itself from other architects and contractors through its unwavering dedication to leaving a lasting impact, transforming spaces, and uplifting communities with its exceptional architectural expertise. With a firm commitment to excellence, Cupkovic Architecture consistently strives to create designs that go beyond mere functionality and aesthetics, aiming to positively shape and enhance the environments they work in. Their unique approach and visionary mindset make them a standout choice for those seeking architectural solutions that make a significant and meaningful difference.



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