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Terrazzo’s versatility, durability, and long history have made it a favorite of many of the architects who work with the NCTA. They share their stories here.

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What Is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is one of the oldest and most versatile sustainable flooring options. It is defined as a composite material poured in place or precast, consisting of marble chips and/or other aggregates combined within a binder material, which is ground and polished to a beautiful finish. Terrazzo today covers a limitless array of colors, and is known for being durable, sustainable, and flexible enough to accommodate designs from very simple and classic to extremely intricate and complex. From the royal palaces and serene bath houses of ancient times to today’s international airports, hospitals, and schools, terrazzo is a flooring canvas with infinite possibilities.


Why Use Terrazzo?

More than 1,500 years ago, Italian artisans learned to mix marble scraps—waste material from other projects—with cement to create beautiful flooring designs for lobbies, plazas, and other public spaces.


Long-lasting construction eliminates environmental impact of replacement. Terrazzo flooring can be preserved even if the building is updated 60 or 70 years later.


Terrazzo construction uses locally-sourced materials, and can include recycled glass. It also uses zero-VOC materials that have little to zero off-gassing.

Low Maintenance Costs

Terrazzo shows its true colors in high-traffic areas where durability, longevity and minimal maintenance are critical. With proper terrazzo maintenance, a floor may never need to be replaced.


About The NCTA

The concept of a regional terrazzo association was sparked by Lou D’Agnolo Sr. and Narch Modesto in 1965. The two discussed various benefits offered by such an organization, and then proceeded to research potential members. Initially, this new group called North Central Terrazzo Association (NCTA) was limited to 23 firms in three states: Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

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